Does Carpet Need to Be Replaced After a Flood in Shannon, GA? Why is it Important to Hire Pros?

When a flood has damaged your property’s carpeting, it is critical to take action quickly. This is particularly true if you run a business where employees or customers use the carpet on a daily basis. Though your first instinct may be to clean the carpet yourself or to rip it up and replace it with a new one, however, in extreme cases, you may have to, hiring a professional carpet cleaner is often the best option. As they will have the tools to clean up the flood or water damage along with the know-how, your business’ carpet looking good as new can be done by expert technicians that belong to an experienced carpet cleaning company. By having the water extracted by a professional, you can prevent things such as mold, bacteria and odors from forming in the future as well. If your home or business has experienced a flood, we at Carpet Dry-Tech would like to share the importance of hiring an expert to clean the carpets.

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1) Expense and Hassle of Replacing the Carpet is Avoided. By choosing a carpet cleaner to extract water after a flood, you will eliminate the need for a carpet replacement. You will have things back to normal more quickly as well as saving you money. You can rest assured that it has been successfully performed time and time again on flooded or water damaged carpets if you are hesitant about the effectiveness of water extraction with the carpet looking like new in most cases.
2) Any Bacteria and Mold is Removed. If you attempt to clean a water-damaged carpet on your own, you may think you have done an adequate job. Even the most thorough hand cleaning can leave water behind, unfortunately. The water left behind from inefficient cleaning will eventually lead to the formation of mold, bacteria and other hazardous toxins. A carpet cleaner will use the necessary equipment to remove all water and will ensure dangerous particles do not become an issue down the line, no matter how entrenched it may be. Water extraction will have your carpet cleaner than it was before in many cases by removing any toxins that may have been present beforehand.
3) Eliminate and Prevent Odors. Extracting water from your business’ carpeting will not only prevent mold and bacteria from forming in addition to ensuring that dank and musty odors do not become an issue. When water is extracted, and proper cleaning products are used, your carpet will be just as it was before with no strange smells present.

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Especially if they have been impacted by any kind of flooding when it comes to your commercial carpets, Carpet Dry-Tech can help. To ensure the carpets are restored, our experts have the training and skills. Our professionals’ efforts are maximized with powerful equipment and advanced equipment. Call us as soon as possible to make sure carpets are better preserved and kept in optimal condition.

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