How to Stop Excessive Dust in a House in Lindale, GA? Air Duct & Carpet Cleaning & More

Removing dust from your home is an ongoing effort and it doesn’t seem to matter how much you do it, it always comes back. The air ducts in an average home 6-room home will collect 40 pounds of dust and allergens every year. That’s a lot of dust! Carpet Dry-Tech delves further into this below.

What is the Main Source of Dust in a Home?

Many people believe that dust is mostly dead skin, but that’s not true. Dust is a mixture of animal dander, carpet fluff, clothing fibers and dirt that gets tracked indoors. Open windows let in pollen and airborne debris. Add to that household sources like flour and makeup powders. Dust is quite the mixture! Dust will always be present in your home no matter how much you clean. Are there ways you can reduce how much of it you have to deal with?

How Do I Make My House Less Dusty?

1. Clean from top to bottom. When you clean your home start at the top. Cleaning the highest surfaces first allows dust to fall downward so you can get to it later.
2. Dust the right way. Don’t use feather dusters. All they do is stir up dust so it can settle somewhere else. The best way to dust is to use a damp cloth.
3. Keep floors free of clutter. Ignoring piles of toys, books, clothing and other items on the floor will collect dust. Keeping floors free of clutter will cut down on the dust in your home.
4. Keep your closets tidy. Clothing that sits in your closet sheds a lot of fibers. If you want to cut down on dust in the closet you can store items in boxes or garment bags.
5. Change bedding weekly. Your comfy bed is a home to dust mites. Make it less appealing to them by using a mattress cover and wash your bedding once a week to keep dust at bay.
6. Eliminate carpeting. Carpet has many benefits but even with regular vacuuming they are magnets for dust mites. If you insist on having carpets in your home, make sure you use a vacuum cleaner with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter to cut down on the dust.
7. Mop the floors. Use a wet mop to collect the dust that has collected on the floor and mop regularly to prevent too much accumulation.
8. Beat items outside. Area rugs, pillows and other items should be taken outside for dust removal.
9. Use air purifiers. Dust particles can be reduced with the use of air purifiers. Use them close to windows to cut down on the number of airborne contaminants that will circulate in your home.
10. Have air ducts & vents cleaned. Air vents with an accumulation of dust, dirt and grime create dust problems. Have them cleaned to improve ventilation.

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Unless you live in a bubble, dust is inevitable. Want to get rid of as much dust as possible? Use these tips and contact Carpet Dry Tech for professional air duct cleaning.

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