How Often Should Office, Restaurant & Other Commercial Carpet Be Cleaned in Duluth, GA?

A commercial building that has carpet will find they need to have their carpet professionally cleaned. How often will depend on a few different factors. Some commercial buildings are fairly low key and their carpet receives minimal exposure. This will reduce their need for carpet cleaning. Other commercial settings will have a ton of foot traffic every day, demanding more frequent carpet cleaning. To know when your business or commercial building carpets need to have their carpets cleaned, Carpet Dry-Tech will share what factors can determine how often carpet needs to be deep cleaned.

What Determines How Often Commercial Carpet Needs Cleaning

There is no straight answer as to how often commercial carpets need to be cleaned. It all depends on the carpet exposure as well as color and type of carpet. Carpet will need to have more cleaning when they have more exposure to foot traffic, food, drinks, and other types of contaminates. Carpet not only needs to be cleaned to look nice, but to also maintain a healthier environment. Carpets can develop mold, mildew and house a wide variety of contaminants that make the commercial setting unhealthy. The type of carpet can determine how clean the carpet looks and how healthy they are. For example, light colored carpet simply looks dirty quicker and will need more frequent carpet cleaning simply to look clean. Long pile carpet traps in and holds contaminants better than short pile carpets. If you have long pile carpet, you need your carpet cleaned more often than you would short pile carpets. If you have a commercial setting with a lot of foot traffic but do not want to deal with weekly carpet cleaning, invest in dark colored short pile carpets, which are very common in retail centers for this reason. When you have a lot of foot traffic, more dirt and other outdoor contaminates will be brought into the building and onto the carpets. For commercial settings with a lot of foot traffic, you may find you need carpet cleaning every 1 to 3 months. However, as each commercial setting or business will vary, so will the level of potential contaminants that is introduced into the carpet. The nature of the building will play a major role on how often carpet needs to be professionally cleaned.

Carpet Cleaning for Different Business Types

To see how often your carpet needs to have deep professional cleaning, following are some business types and how often they should have their carpet’s cleaned.
• Churches – Churches usually have one or two days out of the week where the carpets are exposed to a lot of foot traffic and have very low foot traffic the rest of the week. As church buildings have an unusual traffic pattern, they may find themselves on middle ground. Churches often need their carpets cleaned about every 4 to 6 months.
• Schools – Schools have a lot of foot traffic 5 days a weeks. In schools you most often find short pile carpets and most of the time a darker color. Even though the carpet has a lot of foot traffic, dark colored, short pile carpets do not need a ton of cleaning. School carpet often only needs deep carpet cleaning about every 6 months.
• Office Building – Office buildings tend to be low key when it comes to foot traffic. Depending on the color or type of carpet the office building has, they may need carpet cleaning every 6 to 12 months.
• Medical Facilities – Medical facilities or other similar settings such as nursing homes and rehab centers demand a clean and healthy environment. For this reason medical facilities will have their carpets cleaned on a routine schedule which can vary from every 1 to 3 months. They will ensure clean carpets and a healthier environment.
• Restaurants – Restaurants and other businesses that service food and drinks have different elements that lead to more contaminants building up in the carpets. Carpets are not often used throughout the entire restaurant as stains from food and drinks are all too high. However, the areas with carpet will need to be cleaned a lot more to ensure a healthy dining environment. For this reasons restaurants and other similar settings will need to have their carpets cleaned every 3 to 6 months.

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