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Welcome to our FAQ page where you can find answers to most common questions asked. If by chance you do not find the answer to your question here, please feel free to either CONTACT US or CALL US @ 678.368.5991!

Can I request a ‘same day’ appointment?
Yes (at least 99% of the time!).
Do you charge extra for Berber Carpet?
Unlike most companies…No! Does not matter if you have Berber, builders grade cut pile, upgraded dense pile or even high-end frieze, it’s all the same pricing! If you do have Berber carpets, this would be the preferred cleaning method for the fact that most Berber carpets are made of re-cycled plastics which have lower melting points, thus if ‘wet’ (steam cleaned) cleaned with too high of a water temperature, it can melt and re-fuse some of the fiber tips and ruin your carpet, as well as make many of your stains re-appear later on! Unfortunately we see this a lot with homes we have serviced.
What does your process entail?
We here at Carpet Dry-Tech, have a unique ‘7 Step Process’:
1) Full Walk-thru of the areas to be cleaned in which the technicians will also be Analyzing your your Stainage to ascertain what will be need to be pre-spotted, as well as analyzing if you
have any areas of concern…and to answer any questions or concerns that you might have.
2) Vacuum of all areas to be cleaned
3) Move your ‘basic’ furniture (i.e.: dining room chairs, Den, Family room, Living room couches & chairs, coffee tables, etc.).
4) Pre-Spot all stains in all areas to be cleaned
5) Full Low-Moister Bonnet Cleaning of all areas included in the cleaning
6) Full Grooming/Raking of the cleaned areas (except Berbers or Indoor/Outdoor type carpets…in which there is nothing to rake!)
7) A final Walk-thru with the customer to assure you are completely satisfied with the job!
Is your method a ‘Dry Cleaning’ process?
We are considered a ‘Dry-Cleaning’ Methodology for the fact that we are more ‘Stain Scientists’ where we Pre-treat the individual stains and then a full cleaning of a light misting of our unique Low-PH, Citrus Based Solution VS. Drench your carpets with excessive water and High-PH, synthetic detergents. This allows your carpets to be dry in less than one-hour in most cases! Just like when you bring your suits to the cleaners to get ‘Dry Cleaned’, they DO get wet, but they use a a low moister cleaning(machine), same with us, after pre-spotting individual stains, we only spray a light misting of our Citrus based solution on your carpet fibers which never wets your matting or padding unlike the typical steam cleaners which Do soak your carpet matting and padding with their mass quantities of water and steam that can take days to dry!
What is an area considered?
Everything we clean is Pre-Classified into what we refer to as Areas. See, where all rooms are considered areas, not all areas are actual rooms. Bedrooms, Living rooms, Dining rooms, Family rooms, Dens, Bonus rooms, Kitchens, full flight of Stairs, Hallways, Stair Landings, Bathrooms, Lofts, Closets, Foyers, Entry Ways, Walk-in Closets and Master Sitting areas are all considered ‘Areas’ and after the pkg ‘specials’ we offer, all Areas are then individually priced.
How are you different from steam cleaners?
Steam Cleaners (Hot Water Extraction in what it’s referred to in the industry), use a standard wand that drags along your surface carpet fibers while jetting down high pressure water and synthetic detergents. Simultaneously. A portion of the water and solution is extracted, but unfortunately not all the water and solution that was forced through the pile and into the backing, padding and sub-flooring can be extracted…this can create some potential issues such as long-term drying under your carpets which can start De-laminating the latex glue that holds together the primary and secondary backings, detergent residues remaining within the fibers that can re-attract dirt particles, as well as a possible ‘wet dog’ odor for days while the padding is drying under the carpet. Many times all that volume of high pressured water can actually push down some of the stain content through the carpet pile, backing and into the padding below when trying to break up major stains, only to re-appear or wick up days later. We do not hook up to your facets, drag nasty hoses through your home (which can sometimes scratch or damage walls, molding or edges of furniture), leaving doors open or run loud truck mounted engines for hours while cleaning or dispose of any nasty waste water! Here at Carpet Dry-Tech, we utilize a more modern technology and process (known as Very Low Moister in the industry). We are more like ‘Stain Scientists’. We pre-vacuum all the rooms and areas we will be cleaning within your home first. We then ‘Pre-Spot’ all individual stains and/or soiled areas with very modern and Eco powerful citrus based solutions that we developed ourselves which have little to no residue at all (not synthetic detergents), that will ‘Dwell’, break up and emulsify the stain material first, then we mist on a powerful ‘Citrus’ cleaner (which uses the power of ‘citrus rinds’). We then we use a floor/carpet barnisher and multi-layer cotton bonnets that will physically agitate and scrub clean, all sides of each individual carpet fiber, removing and wicking up all the stain material into the physical bonnets. No stain content is pushed down, thus nothing to ever wick back up to your carpet fibers later on! We then groom/rake’ up all your carpet fibers which stands the fibers back up and separated leaving a professional appearance as well as dry within one hour! We will never soak your carpets, matting, padding or sub-flooring!
Are your solutions ‘child’ or ‘pet’ safe?
Yes, because our main ‘General cleaner’ is a ‘Citrus’ based solution that uses the natural power Of ‘Citrus Rinds’ which is very Eco-Safe!
How does the maintenance plan work?
We will come back any time you would like, as many times as you would like for 1 full year From the date of your Initial Cleaning and re-clean 1, 2 or all of your areas we Initially cleaned For only $10 per room/area & a $35 /$50 Trip charge ($35 if under 30 miles & $50 if greater 30 miles). (Reminder that on the re-cleanings, the only two steps we do NOT do is Vacuum & move furniture…we only ask that you prep the areas you will want re-cleaned prior to our arrival).
Do you move furniture?
Yes, we do move your ‘Basic’ furniture such as dining room chairs, sofas, chairs & coffee tables In Living, Family rooms & Dens, vacuum, clean and put them back…but no major furniture. We ask that you prep the Bedrooms by placing any/all of the small items that are on the carpet floor (ie., clothes, magazines, etc.), onto the beds so it will give us as much floor Space as possible to clean.
How long does it take you to do?
It really depends on a few factors such as: how many areas you want cleaned, condition of your carpets and amount of existing stainage you have, etc. Typically a $99 special takes 1-2 hours and our $149 special 2-3 hours
How long does it take to dry?
Most areas are dry within 1 hour, but the stairs (because they have no direct ventilation (i.e., heat/Ac) blowing on them), as well as areas that had heavy stainage which required additional solutions & multiple cleaning treatments on them could take up to 2 – 3 hours.
Do you include all stain removals with your cleaning?
We include more types of Stain Removals in our General Cleaning process than most other companies out there! Now, when you get into ‘Specialty’ stain removals, these can incur additional charges…but even if you paid more…most other companies do not have the capability, solutions or expertise to pull most of them…because we are more ‘Stain Scientists’, we DO have the capability, solutions & Certified Expertise to do the job! Specialty Stains include, but are not limited to things such as Pet Stain & Odor Removals, Deep Soiled areas(such as thresholds, front of couches, etc.), Rust stains, Nail polish stains, Coffee & Tea stains, Grease & Oil Stains, Makeup stains, throw-up stains, Water stains, Dye Red #7 & #40 stains, Ink Stains, Paint Stains, Sharpie Marker stains…to name a few, but the list goes on & on! There are only 2 – 3 stains that are considered permanent in the industry; Bleached areas, Hair dye stains & some Furniture Dye stains….but even these we can do Color repairs and/or Carpet Patches to eliminate the problem!
I have pet stains, are those included?
No, these are considered Specialty Stain removals. This is because the ‘General Cleaner’ is not geared to remove and/or kill the Bacteria issues caused from Pet Stains. Most companies out there have no idea what it takes to completely remove the stain & the Odor from all surfaces: Carpet Surface, Carpet Backing, Carpet Padding & possible Sub-Flooring. We can remove the Bacteria, Stain & Odor, but this will incur additional charges. Where every home situation is unique, we do have to Ascertain & Analyze your unique situation and what will be required to remove all facets of your pet stain/odor issues before we can tell you the cost. Please see our ‘Stain removal’ Page for more detailed information about our Pet Stain & Odor removal process.
Are closets included with the bedrooms?
No, every room/area (isolated or has a threshold/door), is considered a separate area. A ‘Walk-in’ closet is considered an area just like a Hall or Stair landing would be. However, we only charge $10 for a ‘Standard’ closet (bedroom or hall and no larger then 1.5′ x 6′)!
Do you clean area or oriental rugs?
Yes, all Rugs are cleaned & dried off-site (except for small synthetic runners or door mats). We Clean ALL rugs, from Dept Store Area throw Rugs to $90,000 Handmade Persian Rugs. All rugs go through our unique ‘6-Step’ process (See our ‘Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning’ page for more detailed information!), are beater bar vacuumed from the backing as well as the surface), cleaned, treated(if applicable), fiber protected (Advanced Teflon or Ultra Seal…at customers request), hand brushed and completely blown-dry at our facility. All area rugs are priced by size and fiber type. Pickup & Delivery of your area rugs are always provided as a free service to our Customers!
I have a couple rugs, can those be substituted with rooms or areas?
No, rooms/areas are only defined for permanently installed wall-to-wall carpeting. Rugs are separately priced and required to be cleaned off-site (See our ‘Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning’ page for more detailed information). Pickup & Delivery of your area rugs are always provided as a free service to our Customers! Feel free to call us for Pricing.
Do you clean air ducts? How much would it be for my house?
Yes, we remove each and every ‘supply’ and ‘return’ vent from you floors, walls and ceilings. We completely clean and disinfect each vent removed. We then vacuum out all the debris from each line, then clean and disinfect all inside the sheet-metal vent area. All vents are then put back. Each Furnace in your home will also be cleaned out, vacuumed and disinfected. Please call for Pricing or an estimate.
Do you clean upholstery?
Yes, we use a ‘Dry-Cleaning’ Process, utilizing an Enzyme based solution which also deodorizes and disinfects your upholstery removing any light odors that might be trapped in the fabric. With our process, your upholstery is completely dry and usable within just 3-4 hours! Please see our ‘Upholstery Cleaning & Fiber Protection’ page for more detailed information, Please call for pricing or an estimate.
Do you clean hardwood floors or ceramic tile? What is your process?
We do a Professional Clean, Buff & Clear coat for Hardwood floors. The cleaning process will remove any gunk, particles and some black marks from the top of your wax or Polyurethane
coating. We then high speed buff the floors and then apply a simple and safe ‘Clear coat’ that will dry in ½ hour. This Clear coat is a temporary coating that will put a ‘sheen’ back into your floors and usually will last for months! Basically, the same process is done to your tiling as well. Additionally, we will clean the grout and apply a ‘Tile/Grout Sealer’ as well if desired.

Call us for a free estimate today! You have absolutely nothing to lose… just cleaner, stain free carpets, upholstery and floors to gain!


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