Vehicle Interior Cleaning and Protecting

Let us offer you our top skilled carpet cleaning services for your vehicles also! We can get your vehicle, boat or RV’s carpets looking like new again! Just like our expert Home & Business carpet cleaning results, our process is a ‘dry-cleaning’ process which assures that your vehicle carpets are completely dry in about 30-60 minutes! We can remove almost any stain from your vehicles upholstery, carpets & Floor Mats…coffee, gum, deep soiled stains, fingernail polish, makeup, soda, spoiled milk, vomit, even collard greens (yes, we actually have fully removed the dyed stain and smell of collard greens from the back seat and carpets of a small sedan!). Best of all, we can come to either your home or business to perform this service!

After all, we sell our main General Cleaner to many vehicle detail companies! Our expertise, methodologies, and power of our stain removers are the best in the industry! We have literally taken out hundreds of stains that others will continually leave behind…on a daily basis! As well, we can clean & condition your leather upholstery, Fiber protect your vehicle cloth upholstery and carpets, Give us a try…you won’t be disappointed!

Fiber Protection for your vehicle’s upholstery, carpet & Floor Mats…

Now that your vehicle carpets and carpet mats are clean, they need to be protected against all the new spills and thrills that you will be throwing at them…once again! Protecting them with our unique ‘Ultra Seal’ will assure that when you get a spill and can get to it shortly after the incident…it can be easily wiped up with a hot, damp, white cloth! Even when you can’t get to them, and the spills end up drying into the carpet fibers, we will be able to remove them! Were you aware that most carpet fiber protectants such as ‘Teflon’ or ‘Scotchguard’ protectors are ‘water’ based? Ours is the only ‘solvent’ based which has far more protection qualities. than water based!

Additionally, (new vehicle) Dealership Upholstery Protecting pricing is usually ridiculously expensive (hundreds of dollars!)! Our recommendation is to NOT pay this kind of money for a simple water based protection solution…extremely overpriced as well as extremely overrated! Once you get your new vehicle home, call us…we will Protect your new vehicles carpets and seats for only a small fraction of what the dealership will charge you and our pricing includes all seats, carpets and carpet mats with our ultimate ‘solvent’ based ‘Ultra Seal’ fiber protection! In most cases, Ultra Seal fiber protection will repel a spill and act as an invisible shield enabling you to simply wipe off what was spilled, without ever penetrating or staining the fabric!

For more information about Fiber Protection, Click Here to see our Protection page which has more details!

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