Specialty Stain Removal

Ahh, the spills and thrills on carpets! What to do…what to use? No need to panic, be assured that most things that we throw at our carpets, can be safely removed. Carpet Dry-Tech is here to help… after all, we have seen(and removed) just about everything!

We have found over the years that many folks initially panic and use ‘whatever’ they can find under their sinks hoping it will remove the spill or stain. This is something folks really need to be careful with due to most Over-the-counter products contain much harsher chemicals than any professional would ever use! We have found that most of these products have bleach or some type of bleaching agents in them that will cause the stain to become permanent. Once a stain has been bleached out or a chemical reaction has occurred by one of these products (this is usually identified by the stain either becoming somewhat faded and/or turned a completely different color), it becomes almost impossible to undo that damage and remove the stain.

Despite what these over-the-counter products claim about removing most stains, professionals know that there is no ‘catch all’ solution that can remove everything, it just does not exist. Stains that remain after the General Cleaning process are classified as ‘specialty stains’ and this requires different ‘specialty ‘solutions and extractions for different types of spills (i.e. protein based, carbohydrate based, grease/oil based, etc.). Our professional recommendation is to blot up the spill (and spill material) with a moist white (non-dye), cloth and then Contact Us or call Carpet Dry-Tech as soon as possible @ 678.368.5991.

When carpet tragedy strikes, just remember, a spill of anything is not really a ‘stain’, per say, until it has dried (unless of course…it’s bleach or hair dye. unfortunately, these are permanent!). Carpet Dry-Tech wants to share with you some of our professional opinions, of basic “do’s” and “don’ts”, based on our vast experience of the specialty stain removal process. It will help you to remove the smaller basic drink and food spill content and such, as well as aid you in prepping the larger monstrosities, for the professionals to effectively remove. See the diagram at the bottom of this page for visual instructions….and then Contact Us or call Carpet Dry-Tech as soon as possible @ 678.368.5991.


– Attempt to get spill up within the first few minutes.

– Use either soda water or a mixture of: (1/3 cup of white vinegar & fill remainder of a 32oz spray bottle with warm water). Spray directly on the stain (unless it is ink…never blot an ink stain! Call us before doing a thing to it…it will spread if you mess with it!).

– Blot/lightly work up the spill with a hot, wrung-out white cloth.

– Rinse and repeat above process until spillage is removed.

– Apply a few drops of a light dish detergent on your white cloth and repeat above process.

– Keep the spillage wet/moist and call us or another stain removal expert if the spillage cannot be removed with the above recommendations. Most likely It will now be required to be professionally removed.


– Panic!

– Spread the stain out further! While working on the stain stay within the parameter of the incident to avoid this.

– Attempt clean-up of an ink spill. High percentage it will spread if you mess with it. This needs a stain removal expert with specific solutions to pull.

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