Carpet Cleaning Solution in Woodstock, GA

Our Process…

We apply only a light misting of our Citrus General Cleaner solution. Our process is a ‘circular extraction’ methodology, which literally scrubs all sides of your individual carpet fibers enabling us to loosen and strip away the dirt and foreign matter, then absorbing the micro particles into our 10 layer cotton/nylon bonnets via the cyclonic motion. Our Process and solutions will NEVER penetrate your carpet matting, padding or sub-flooring, thus allowing your carpets to be dry within approximately 1 hour!

The outside of our bonnets circulates about 282 feet in one minute (175 revolutions per minute!). This intense circular motion creates friction, thus creating the necessary heat applied directly to the fibers mixing with our citrus solution that enables us to provide a warm General Cleaner solution mix that will agitate and scrub your carpets cleaner and safer than you could ever imagine! Although drying times can vary due to many factors, most carpets are completely dry in less than 1 hour! This along with our unique, detailed ‘7-Step’ process, enables us to deliver clean results every time!

Our Unique 7-Step Process:

1) Complete initial walk-through of all rooms/areas to be cleaned (to initially identify and/or confirm telephone or email work order)

2) Vacuum all rooms/areas to be cleaned

3) Move selected furniture within rooms/areas to be cleaned (i.e. chairs, coffee tables, smaller light sofas or loveseats, etc. – no major furniture)

4) Pre-spot all required pertinent stained areas

5) Carpet Clean all requested rooms/areas

6) Groom/Rake all cleaned rooms/areas (this separates and stands all the carpet fibers back up straight which allows everything to dry within the hour!)

7) Final Walk-through of all areas cleaned

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