Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that according to the to the Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America (AFFA),”the role of carpet has been scientifically proven to trap many of the allergens which trigger allergies and asthma and keep them out of the breathing zone to help alleviate problems for those who suffer from these conditions”? Just because your carpets and upholstery might not have any physical ‘Stains’, they can still be very dirty via trapped dirt, residue, grime, dust mites, dead skin cells, various mold spurs and the list goes on… Having your carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned multiple times per year can help reduce and eliminate these indoor home allergens which helps for a Cleaner, ‘Greener’, and healthier home!™

Rest assure you can breathe a little easier inside your home by keeping up with these few simple maintenance tips. These few items alone can make a drastic difference in easing your allergy symptoms and suffering because of your indoor air quality!

– Replace the filters in your Home Heating/AC units with new ones (important to buy ones that will filter out items such as Pet Dander, Dust mites, Mold spurs, Pollen, etc.), every 1-2 months. This is usually 1500 rating or better.
– If your Air Ducts have not been professionally cleaned within the last 2-3 years…then its time to have them professionally cleaned and disinfected…this is a critical factor in keeping your Indoor Air Quality clean!
– Vacuuming is essential this time of year. People with allergy to dust mites notice late night and early morning allergic rhinitis symptoms, after inhaling the dust mite particles over several hours. Since dust mites live all-year long, the allergy is not typically a seasonal problem, but a perennial allergy. Vacuum the carpet and floors frequently; ensuring the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a HEPA(High-efficiency particulate air) Filter.
– Keep your windows closed and use your Re-circulating inside air.
– By keeping your Upholstery and Carpets professionally clean, less air debris, dead skin cells, pet hair and Micro contaminants (such as dust mites and mold spurs), will flow through your home air vents thus even cleaner air re-circulating through your system…resulting in cleaner and healthier air for your family to breathe!

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