Carpet Dyeing

Carpet Dyeing & Bleach Spot Color Repairs

Carpet and Area Rug Dyeing is becoming more and more popular within the Residential and Commercial world. There is no need to go through the high expense or trouble of removing and replacing your carpet; just because of a permanent marks, discolored or bleach stains, when you can simply repair it by re-dyeing it for a fraction of the cost!

We do:

Bleach spot repairs

Custom color change (complete carpet or Area rug room change to your desired color!)

Color restore Cleaning

Over-dye of rugs

Oriental & Persian Color Restoration via dye Airbrushing

Whether its been faded or discolored due to sun exposure, permanently stained or you have changed your room décor, carpet dyeing is your best solution because it can be done for only about 10% to 30% of full replacement cost…Carpet and/or Area Rug Dyeing will always be less than replacing!

Many everyday cleaning chemicals can easily bleach and remove the actual color from your carpet and Area Rug fibers causing permanent color loss, but this can all be corrected by Carpet Dry-Tech’s color restoration Dyeing process. Weather you just want a discolored stain or area restored, add a new pattern or full change the color of your carpet, we have the color solutions for you!

Carpet Dry-Tech can also color repair those expensive wool and silk Area rugs. Whether all one color, simple color patterns or complex flower designs; with Carpet Dry-Tech’s state-of-the-art custom color mixing and blending process, matching up colors is not a problem.

Dyes are guaranteed permanent and colorfast, and freshly-dyed carpet may be walked on immediately. Our process is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. All carpets and rugs are dyed.

Keep in mind that All Carpets and Area Rugs are initially dyed at the factory and can be very successfully re-dyed, provided that they are made of nylon or wool, both of which are dyeable materials. Wool, silk, nylon, cotton & viscose carpets and area/oriental rugs are made from natural fibers or yarns that have been dyed prior to being woven and can be very successfully re-dyed. Provided that it is done properly, the re-dyeing process is permanent, colorfast, and completely safe and can walk on them in just minutes!

The critical thing is that this dye procedure be performed only by a Certified Dye Specialist in order to ensure optimum results. The re-dyeing process is very different from the controversial practices of “painting” a rug in which a faded rug is actually painted using a brush. This is only a temporary repair rather than a permanent solution, and may actually damage a rug. A Dye Master or Specialist who is re-dyeing a rug will know how to blend dyes very precisely in order to achieve exact color matches and achieve uniformity that will restore a color-damaged carpet or rug back to its original appearance.


* Bleach Spot repairs

* Permanent discolored stain damage from harmful cleaner spills or damaging food dyes

* Add a new pattern to your stairs when they have become discolored in the middle of each step

* Repair areas in the room in which the sun has faded the colors

* Repair Christmas Tree skirt dye damage

* Completely re-dye an entire room to almost any color you desire

* Most repairs and full room color changes can be done within an hour

* All carpet dyeing procedures can be walked on almost immediately

Full Room Dyeing Samples

Full Room Dyeing *Sample – We can color your carpets to a darker shade of the same color family

or completely change the carpet color to match your new room decor!


* Bleach Spot repairs

* Permanent discolored stain damage from harmful cleaner spills from Janitorial staff

* Most Commercial carpets are very expensive and glued down, which can be very expensive to remove as well as replace. Carpet Dry-Tech can repair any damaged color pattern right on site and very quickly as not to disrupt your business schedule.

* Hotels, Law Firms, Churches, Colleges, Schools, Retirement homes, Libraries, Restaurants, Store fronts and Business offices all entertain valuable students and customers while facing the same carpet problems and issues. There is nothing more embarrassing than having ugly, discolored, stained or bleached out carpets that can affect that ‘first image’ you are trying to portray as a positive one. Don’t let embarrassing Carpets or Area Rugs be the reason why that customer or student walk away, or that deal not closed!

* Janitorial Cleaning staff & companies have cleaning chemical spill accidents all the time – we can save the day for you so you will not lose that client!

We are Georgia’s only guaranteed dye stable color restoration specialists for carpet and area rugs!

Whether Residential or Commercial, give us a call here today at Carpet Dry-Tech to discuss your Carpet and/or Area Rug Dyeing options!

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