Carpet, Upholstery & Rug Protection

Once your carpets, upholstery and area rugs are clean, you will want to protect them! Carpet, Upholstery & Rug Fiber Protection is essential in prolonging the life of your carpets, upholstery and Area Rugs! We here at Carpet Dry-Tech only use the best products proven in the industry on your fibers! There are basically two types of Fiber protection in the industry, Water-based or Solvent-based. Of course like any product on the market, the quality can range from low-end to high-end. Rest assure, Carpet Dry-Tech only carries the finest protection the market has to offer for both Water-based and Solvent-based for your Carpet, Upholstery & Rug Protection !

Water-based Fiber Protection …

Carpet Dry-Tech uses only Dupont Advanced Teflon® Fiber Protection. The popularity of Dupont’s Advanced Teflon® is largely due to the stain resistant qualities it has. Most people enjoy the confidence of knowing that if they spill something, it can easily be dabbed off of carpet or material with a damp sponge or cloth. Dupont Advanced Teflon® carpet protection gives you the added assurance that your carpets will be professionally maintained and the possibility of permanent stains drastically reduced. Advanced Teflon® can also add life to your carpets as well. By sealing the fibers, it can make vacuuming more effective. When soil and dirt are introduced to your carpet and furniture materials, they act as an abrasive enemy. Soil will actually wear the fibers as you walk and move on them. Teflon® prevents the soil from becoming lodged, or entangled, in the fibers themselves, and makes it easier to vacuum the loose soil particles away.

Solvent-based Fiber Protection…

Carpet Dry-Tech uses only the best ‘solvent’ based upholstery protection, “Ultraseal”, which we personally have found to be more effective in protecting your upholstery fabrics than any other product in the industry! Ultraseal being a solvent (vs. Water-based), is the closest thing you can come to actually waterproofing your upholstery & Area Rugs. Ultraseal will repel a spill and act as an invisible shield enabling you to simply Blot/wipe off what was spilled, without ever fully penetrating or staining the fabric! Where Ultraseal Fiber Protection is solvent based (vs. water based), the protection will also last much longer on your upholstery and carpets. All solvent-based Fiber Protections do cost a little more than the water-based products, but are well worth it for the prolonged protection it delivers.

Through our many years of experience with these products, Carpet Dry-Tech recommends using our water-based Advanced Teflon® on your carpets after each cleaning (where these are cleaned more often) , but highly recommend applying Ultraseal Fiber Protection on your Upholstery and Area Rugs for not only better protection, but a longer lasting protection. Ultraseal also adds softness to your upholstery and Area Rug Fibers!

The smaller swatches in the top row are ‘without’ Ultraseal Fiber Protection and the stains penetrated the fibers immediately. The Larger fabrics shown on the bottom row, had Ultraseal Fiber Protection applied and two drops of stains were placed on each swatch. The bottom drop was cleaned right off with absorbent paper towel, leaving virtually no trace of stain!

Frequency of Fiber Protection Applied…

One proper application of Dupont Teflon® will last you for hundreds of vacuuming’s and approximately one additional carpet cleaning. Our professional recommendation is to apply Teflon® after your ‘Initial cleaning’ with Carpet Dry-Tech. If You then have an another (Re-)cleanings throughout the year (which is recommended), your carpets will remain protected for the entire year and will not need to be reapplied until your next renewal ‘Initial cleaning’. Now where your upholstery and area rugs are only cleaned every 1-3 years, we would recommend re-applying your Ultra Seal Fiber Protection after each cleaning (this also wears off over time depending on how much your area rugs get walked on and/or vacuumed, as well as how much use your upholstery gets on a daily/weekly basis).

Don’t purchase the cheaper fiber protections offered at furniture or Rug stores ….

Please be aware that most furniture & rug stores will try to sell you their expensive, upholstery fabric protection (ie. such as ‘Scotch-guard’ protectors), which are all ‘water’ based and usually of a lessor quality. Additionally, their pricing is usually $200 – $600 to do this! Our recommendation is to NOT pay this over-priced protection. Once you get your furniture or Area rugs home, call us and we can provide our Superior solvent-based Ultraseal Fiber Protection for usually 1/2 to 1/3 of their price! Keep in mind that our protection will also last much longer.

In Summary…

Aside from the abrasive nature of soil, a certain degree of color transfer occurs. Much like having a “fender bender” in your car and having paint transfer colors from one vehicle to the next. Soil will transfer it’s color to the fibers of your carpet, upholstery and area rugs (which is mostly due to footwear). This is why heavy traffic areas seem to have a darker color to them. Even though soil can be removed, it may have already transferred color to the fibers. Protect your carpets, upholstery and area rugs from “Old Age” by putting a barrier between the fibers and the dirt.

Shaw Industries and DuPont StainMaster, among other carpet manufacturing companies, are now requiring that in order to maintain their warranties, the consumer’s carpets must be cleaned (at least) annually by a certified professional carpet cleaning technician, as well as reapplying a fiber protector. Carpet Dry-Tech will help you in maintaining your carpet warranty(s).

Please also be aware that the same rules apply for your Upholstery cleaning and protecting as your carpet cleaning and protecting to uphold to the manufactures recommendations and warranties. Most upholstery needs to have fiber protection applied when new, as well as after each professional cleaning.

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