Hardwood & Tile Cleaning

Hardwood/Tile Clean, Buff & Clear Coat …

Our Hardwood/Tile Cleaning we offer, is a ‘professional grade’ cleaning which removes most dirt, light marks, hardened food, grime, smears and light film from the build-up of any previous OTC (over-the-counter) products you may have used over time. Keep in mind that this process only removes everything ‘above’ your polyurethane finish and will not penetrate, disturb or remove any of the actual flooring finish. That would require a ‘refinish’ of your hardwoods (in which we also do!).

We recommend a good professional cleaning of your Hardwood and Tile floors once per year to keep your floors looking new! As a free, (optional), additive, we can also mop on a simple Clear Coat at the end of the cleaning, for those of you that like a little ‘sheen’ finish on your flooring (this will gently wear off over time without leaving any buildup!). Your floors will look cleaner than ever!

We can handle all your flooring needs. Whether you need just cleaning or full installation of Hardwood or Carpeting, refinishing, or just some repairs, we will always give you a free estimate, superior service, respectful & skilled technicians, as well as the lowest price!

We will either match or beat your current invoiced, carpet/floor cleaning and installation prices as well as offering nothing short of Superior service. Our service line also offers VCT strip & waxing for commercial flooring.

Contact Us or Call Carpet Dry-Tech @ 678.368.5991 for a free estimate today! You have absolutely nothing to lose… just cleaner, stain free carpets and floors; as well as lower floor installation costs to gain!

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