How Do You Get Muddy Paw Prints & Mud Stains Out of a Couch, Area Rug or Carpet in Powder Springs, GA?

Especially in the summer, mud is commonly found in the yards of many homeowners. In addition to summer water activities the kids are likely to enjoy that creates mud on a regular basis, also, summer storms, scheduled watering for the grass, shrubs, and trees occurs. You will likely find muddy pawprints or footprints tarnishing the carpets, rugs, and upholstery between the kids and pets tracking in mud. With this in mind, we at Carpet Dry Tech would like to discuss how to remove the muddy prints from rugs, carpets, and upholstery.

Should You Wait for Mud to Dry Before Cleaning?

Homeowners are reminded to immediately treat any accidental spills by industry experts. Though many also naturally want to address mud tight away as well, it is best, in this case, it is best to resist this impulse. Because it spreads and gets pushed below the surface and makes a bigger mess, trying to cleanup mud is difficult. It is more efficient and easier to vacuum once the mud is dry. Be sure to do it slowly and methodically as well as in different directions for more effectiveness when it comes the vacuuming the dried out muddy pawprints. You need to be thorough when vacuuming because even when the dirt is noticeable on the surface, it doesn’t mean that it is not there.

How Do You Get Mud Stains Out of Area Rugs?

1) Vacuum the dried mud thoroughly by slowly vacuum in a horizontal direction, overlapping the rows as you go, then vacuum in the opposite direction and across in a vertical direction and again in the opposite direction.
2) Combine 2 cups white vinegar, 1 tbsp mild liquid dish soap, and 2 cups cool water in a squirt bottle to remove any lingering spots. Do not oversaturate, but lightly dampen the spots. With heavy pressure blot the moisture and remaining residues should blot onto the dry towel or cloth used.

Does Mud Come Off Carpet?

1) As mentioned, you can vacuum the dry particulates after you let the muddy pawprints dry completely. As you vacuum the dirt, be detailed and patient.
2) Treat the spots after combining 2 cups white vinegar, 2cups warm water, and 1 tbsp mild liquid dish soap mixed well in a squirt bottle, if you notice a remaining film from the mud.
3) Being careful not to oversaturate, administer the ready solution onto the spots until the area is lightly dampened. Until the area is clean, blot away the residues and moisture with a lot of pressure and a dry towel or cloth. You do not want the carpet wet, only damp, so if you must repeat the application use caution.

What Gets Mud Out of fabric Upholstery

1) To remove the dried soil from the muddy prints, you can vacuum the upholstery with the hose and any upholstery attachments as needed.
2) In a squirt bottle, bowl, or bucket blend together 2 cups cold water with 1 tbsp liquid dish soap. With the prepared solution, dampen a white cloth or sponge. Blot away the spotted residues using the treated implement.
3) Make certain to use a dry towel in between applications to avoid allowing the upholstery from getting too wet, it should only be damp if you have to repeat the botting process to remove the film.
4) Sprinkle moderately some baking soda on treated areas. It should be completely dry and vacuum the area with the same technique as the dirt as you allow the area to set for several hours.

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