How Do You Get Dog Hair Off Car Seats & Carpet in Marietta, GA? Vacuum, Professional Vehicle Interior Cleaning & More

Do you bring you dog(s) with you wherever you go? Did you take a recent trip with your canine companion only to discover the inside of your vehicle was covered in dog hair when you returned? It only takes a single trip for your vehicle to be covered with your pet’s fur. Sometimes the hair will become woven into the upholstery and carpet where it feels like it is there to stay. If you cannot get dog hair out of your vehicle, Carpet Dry-Tech will share a few tips and tricks on how to get the inside of your vehicle pet hair free.

How Do I Stop My Dogs Hair from Getting Everywhere in My Car?

Removing dog hair from inside your vehicle can be a nightmare. For this reason it is better to prevent dog hair from getting everywhere in your vehicle. One way to help prevent or reduce the amount of dog hair in your vehicle is by keeping your dog brushed out and bathed especially before a car ride. Another way to help to prevent dog hair from getting stuck on the upholstery and car rugs is by using seat covers and mats that can be removed and washed. When you use covers you can remove and wash them to keep your car interior cleaner.

Vacuum Dog Hair

When you do get dog hair all over your car’s seats one of the first steps you should take is to vacuum up the dog hair. When vacuuming dog hair from inside your vehicle you will want to use a high powered vacuum cleaner. You will want to use the various attachments to your vacuum hose and make sure to get between the seats and corners. Often a traditional residential vacuum cleaner isn’t strong enough, so you could use a car wash station’s vacuum as they are stronger and will do a better job removing stubborn dog hair.

Does Fabric Softener Repel Dog Hair?

The chemicals in fabric softener can help make the hair trapped in the upholstery or carpet loosen up and come out much easier. When using the fabric softener to help get the dog hair out of your vehicle, you will want to use a spray bottle and fill it up with water and then mix in 3 tablespoons of the fabric softener. Use a dampened cloth and wipe the upholstery down, collecting hair as you go.

Will Tape Collect Dog Hair?

When the hair becomes entangle with the carpet and the upholstery you can use duct tape and a lint roller to get the hair out. This method works well but you will go through a lot of tape or lint roller to clean your vehicle. It is recommended to first vacuum the inside of the vehicle thoroughly and then use the duct tape or lint roller to remove the remaining hair.

Professional Car Interior Cleaning

If you find you cannot get all of the dog hair out of your vehicle or need help cleaning the inside of your vehicle call the professionals. A professional vehicle interior cleaning service not only can remove the dog hair but can do a deep cleaning of the carpets and upholstery inside your vehicle.

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