Pet Stain & Odor Removals

Pet Stain & Odor Removal Treatments

Stains from pets are ‘dog-gone’ difficult to remove. They yellow your carpet, bleach the color, and in many cases cause permanent damage, especially to oriental rugs and wool based carpet, stained areas that have daily repeated sunlight exposure, and stains that have been previously treated with harsh over-the-counter stain removal products. Even worse, animals are creatures of habit, so stains formed through repeated trips damage not only the carpet, but also can saturate the underlying padding, sub-flooring & tack strips, which creates odor-causing bacteria…thus re-attracting the pet to the same tainted areas over and over. This creates a two-part problem…removing the stain as well as the odor.

You need to realize that no ‘general cleaner’ will remove the stain nor the odor permanently. Bad bacteria can not be removed with regular cleaning solutions like typical ‘dirt’ based stains can. See, ‘Bad’ bacteria is a live micro-organism and if you attempt to removed it with a detergent-based cleaner, you will only spread and exacerbate the situation! If you call us before you attempt to put any over-the-counter product on the affected areas, your chances are at the highest percent of us completely and permanently eliminating the pet stain as well as the odor. This is simply for the fact that most of the over-the-counter products contain bleaching agents as well as many harsh chemicals that can permanently discolor the original pet stain. With our unique Pet stain/odor removal methodologies and solutions, as well as our technicians vast experience in the industry, assures you the customer, that we can be more successful in partially or in most cases, completely remove your pet stains and pet odors more than most companies in the industry! *What we offer is 3 possible stages of treatments that we can perform, depending on the severity of your pet damage on your carpets/rugs.

Let me reassure you that we have been properly treating and eliminating pet stains & odors for years and our methodology does work….and we always stand behind our work! Depending on the severity of your pet stains, we have 3 different stages of treatments that we can apply to completely eliminate your pet stain problems depending on the urine severity. Our pet stain & odor removal process solutions are completely all natural and non-toxic, which are perfectly safe for pets, children & adults!

Stage I: Surface Treatment Only

If Bacteria is not ascertained to be in your carpet padding, then we will treat only the surface carpet fibers to eliminate as much as the carpet stain and surface bacteria as possible. This is accomplished by first extracting as much urine as possible from all affected areas. We then pre-treat each pet stain with our powerful Enzyme Pet Stain Remover, as well as our anti-microbial based solution to aid in the odor removal prior to our general carpet cleaning process.

Stage II: Surface Treatment & Injection Treatment

If Bacteria has been detected in your carpet padding, then we need to do Antimicrobial and enzyme liquid injections directly into your carpet padding in and around the pet stained areas. The treatment will eat the odor causing bacteria, which will eliminate most of both, the odor and the stain from constantly re-appearing. When this step is complete, we will then additionally apply “Stage I – Surface Treatment(s)”.

Stage III: Germicidal Wash & Surface Treatment

This is when an overage of Bacteria has been ascertained to be in your carpet padding (this is usually obvious due to the excessive pet stainage within a given room or area), as well as extensive underlying pet urine damage and obvious foul pet urine odors. Within this process; we completely lift the carpet back far enough to access/expose all problem and affected padding areas, remove and dispose of any/all pertinent contaminated and tainted padding, germicidal wash the sub-floor with our antimicrobial and enzyme solutions, spray and extract all urine from the back of the carpet, inspect and replace any urine covered tack strips, install new padding, re-install & re-stretch affected carpet areas, and then apply “Stage I – Surface Treatment(s)”.

Please note that Pet stain removals are all unique within each home and can be an extensive process, so if we treat your stains and odor situation and later ascertain that the next phase of treatment is required, we will move on to the next phase until we find the appropriate solution for your unique situation!

* note that all pet stain and/or odor removal treatments are an additional cost and are not included in our General Cleaning process or specials.

For more information about our Pet Stain/Odor Removal Process or to schedule your job, Contact Us or Call Carpet Dry-Tech @ 678.368.5991!

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