Can Grout Cleaner Damage Tiles in Avondale Estates, GA? How Do You Clean Tile Without Damaging Floors?

Tile and particularly grout can be very difficult to clean or keep clean. Tile and grout are very strong and long lasting. However, improper cleaning can lead to damages to the tile or grout and make caring for them much harder. When cleaning your tile and the grout it is important to avoid common cleaning and care mistakes that can lead to major future problems. Carpet Dry-Tech will share some of these common mistakes and how to avoid them to ensure you always have clean and beautiful tile.

Using the Wrong Kind of Brush to Clean Tile & Grout

For both the tile and the grout, using the wrong type of cleaning brush can have its consequences. Even though tile and the grout may seem very strong, using a harsh bristled cleaning brush can cause etching in the tile and begin to break up the grout. You might have some major soap scum you need to remove and you look for the strongest bristle brush you can find. However, you will not want to use anything but a plastic bristle brush on your tile and grout. Anything else is simply too harsh and will damage the tile and the grout.

Using Grout Cleaner with Colorant in It

If you buy a grout cleaner, avoid cleaners with artificial coloring. Manufacturers will add artificial colors to their grout cleaning products, however this is a mistake. Those artificial colors can stain the grout and tile, which in turns creates a bigger mess for you to clean. In some cases, you cannot get the stain from these cleaners out. To avoid staining your grout or tile, you should avoid tile and grout cleaning products that contain artificial colors.

Can You Use Too Much Sealer?

A tile and grout sealer can help protect the surface from soap scum, hard water build up and mold. Additionally, using a sealer on the tile and grout can make keeping them clean far easier. However, over using a tile and grout sealer can also become problematic. In some cases, a sealer can do more harm than good. Each time you apply a sealer you must strip the original sealer off first. Applying a sealer over another sealer isn’t good and should always be avoided.

Scrubbing Grout to Clean

As grout ages, it will become weaker and weaker. When dealing with grout that is over ten years old, you will want to be more gentle when cleaning it. When cleaning old grout too aggressively, you will cause the grout to break and pieces of the grout will begin to come out. Eventually, you will need to re-grout the entire tiled area. With the use of a sealer to help bind the grout together along with gentle cleaning, you can prevent breaking apart the grout in between the tile.

Tile & Grout Cleaning, Sealing & More in Marietta, Roswell, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, Atlanta & Greater Woodstock, GA

Clean tile and grout can be a major task and one that can be done improperly. If you find you do not have the time or the means to deep clean your tile and grout, consider seeking a professional cleaning service. Carpet Dry-Tech offers a number of services including tile and grout cleaning services. If you need tile and grout cleaning service or more, contact Carpet Dry-Tech and schedule our services today.

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