Carpet Stain Removal Mistakes to Avoid in Roswell, GA; Scrubbing Techniques when Cleaning Carpets & More

Have you ever cleaned a stain on the carpet that ended up turning into a disaster? When cleaning a stain on the carpet it is important to clean the stain properly or you can possible ruin the carpet. Cleaning a stain on the carpet isn’t as simple a task as most people assume, and often they will clean the stain to discover the stain reappears, spreads or otherwise worsens. Carpet Dry-Tech will share some of the common carpet cleaning mistakes that ruin carpets.

Avoid Scrubbing Techniques on Carpet Stains

When cleaning a stain many people will make the mistake of scrubbing the stain. Scrubbing the stain is the worst thing to do. You can spread the stain and damage the carpet fibers at the same time. Additionally, vigorous scrubbing can also push the stain deeper into the carpet. When cleaning a stain on the carpet you should never scrub but use a blotting technique instead.

Don’t Delay Removing Stubborn Carpet Stains

When a stain first happens you should never leave the stain for later cleaning. The longer you wait to remove the stain the less likely the stain will come out. Although people have busy lives and sometimes put off cleaning a stain, it is a major mistake to wait too long. When stains first happen, be fast to clean the stain to increase your chances of keeping your carpets stain free.

Spot Test Carpet Cleaner

When you need to clean a stain it is important to know your cleaners. There are a number of different carpet cleaning products. When cleaning carpet stains you will want to use the right cleaner whether it is a homemade or a commercial product. The wrong cleaner can discolor the carpet or cause the dye to bleed. When picking your carpet cleaners, make sure to know what type of carpet you have and that the chosen cleaner will not ruin the carpet. Ensure you have the right cleaner for your carpets. Make sure to test the cleaner in a discrete area to see if the cleaner effects the carpet coloring. As long as there are no effects the cleaner is safe for the carpet.

Does Carpet Powder Mess Up Your Vacuum?

You can buy a carpet deodorizing powder to help make your carpet smell good. Overuse or not vacuuming up the powder thoroughly can lead to build up and make stains worse. The powder is absorbent and will absorb spills and make cleaning the stain harder. If you use carpet deodorizer powder make sure you thoroughly vacuum the carpet 30 minutes after applying but also be aware that the powder will negatively affect the vacuum filters and ultimately shorten the life of your vacuum.

Don’t Use Colored Cloths to Treat Carpet Stains

When cleaning a stain and you run to get your cleaning supplies make sure you do not use a colored cleaning cloth. When using a colored cleaning cloth, you run the risk of the dye in the cloth bleeding into the carpet. Once the dye bleeds into the carpet you have a bigger problem. Removing dye is much harder to remove than a spill from a drink or food. To prevent dyeing your carpet, always use a white cleaning cloth to clean up stains.

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When cleaning a stain be sure to avoid these common mistakes. For quality carpet cleaning, stain removal, deodorizing and more, contact Carpet Dry-Tech today.

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