Does Carpet have to Be Replaced after a Flood in Stonecrest, GA? How Do You Treat Water Damaged Carpets?

When the inside of your home floods and the carpets are impacted as a result, there is a major question as to whether or not the carpets can be saved. When carpets become exposed to flooding, the type of water will determine whether the carpet can be saved or if the carpet will need to be replaced. When you hear the term water type, it refers to the water category. There are three major categories of water types. Carpet Dry-Tech will share the three water category types and what they mean for your home’s carpets.

Category 1 Water Damage

A category 1 water damage is when the water comes from a broken pipe and releases clean water or even from rain water. Cleaner water mean less contaminants to combat. Basically, you can easily restore carpet that was exposed to a category 1 water damage. However, there is a time limit. Carpet that was exposed to even the cleanest of water will need to receive intense restoration within forty-eight hours. If you wait too long, mold, mildew and other fungi will begin to develop in the carpet and now you will have a major battle when it comes to saving your carpets. In most cases, waiting too long to have the carpet restored will require them to be replaced.

Category 2 Water Damage

A category 2, which is often referred to as gray water happens when there is some kind of contamination in the water. If the water that flooded into the home comes from outside, or water came from a broken drainage pipe, the water is full of contaminants. Can carpet be saved with a category 2 level water damage? Yes, however, time is critical and often the carpet will still need to be lifted up and the under pad replaced. Preventing mold and other fungi is simply too difficult when the under padding has been saturated with a category 2. Like a category 1, you only have forty-eight hours to have your carpets saved or you will need to have the carpet replaced.

Category 3 Water Damage

A category 3 is referred to as black water. This is when the water contains harmful bacteria, pesticides, and toxins. Often a home will be exposed to a category 3 when the sewage system backs up into the home. When the carpets have been exposed to a category 3 water damage, the carpet cannot be saved, even with the fastest and most intense cleaning and treatment.

How Do You Treat Water Damaged Carpet?

Carpet can be saved from category 1 and 2 water damage when the response is fast enough. When the carpets are being restored after water damage, the water is first extracted and then the carpet is dried out. If there was a category 2, the carpet will then be lifted up and the under pad removed and the subfloor cleaned and treated. A new pad will then be installed. Next, the carpet will be deep cleaned with an anti-mold cleaning agent to kill off any early stages of mold or other fungi. The carpet may need to be cleaned and treated two or even three times to ensure the carpet is clean and free of fungi or other contaminants.

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