Grout Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid in Smyrna, GA; Mopping with Dirty Water, Using Bleach on Tile Floors & More

There is no doubt that tile flooring is one of the most durable and long-lasting types of floors to have in your home. It’s no wonder than may homeowners often choose to have it installed in several different areas of their home. While it may be durable, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to properly maintain it to get the most out of your tile floors. To help you avoid them, Carpet Dry-Tech is here to talk about some of the most common grout cleaning mistakes we see homeowners make as they work to keep their tile floor clean.

What Happens if You Mop with Dirty Water & Colored Cleaners?

It may sound like using water that isn’t clean to mop your floor is counterintuitive, but it happens. Using dirty water or a mop that isn’t particularly clean can do more harm to your grout than you may think. Grout is such a porous surface that when you use dirty mop water to clean it and the grout isn’t sealed, it can soak up that dirty water and look dirty itself. Likewise, when you use cleaning agents that have colors added to them, your grout will soak it up and end up that color. You should be using cleaners that are dye free to ensure your grout doesn’t become discolored with staining.

Will Muriatic Acid Damage Ceramic Tile?

Using muriatic acid to clean your tile floor can lead to damage that is extensive. Muriatic acid is a cleaner that is used in industrial settings and is even used to clean pools. Many people may think that the fact that it is industrial strength that this may work in their favor to get a serious clean. This type of cleaner should only be used in the industrial settings that it is meant for, so you don’t end up destroying your tile floor.

Is Vinegar a Good Cleaner for Tile Floors?

Vinegar is a common household item that many people use to clean different surfaces found throughout their house. It can be a great replacement for some other cleaners that aren’t as good for your home or the environment, but it should never be used on your tile floor. The high acidity in the vinegar can actually dissolve the mortar that makes up your grout. It will actually take off the top layer of your grout. Using vinegar over and over on your tile floor will leave you replacing your grout in no time.

Can You Use Bleach on Tile & Grout?

If you are looking to kill germs and sanitize your home, bleach will just about do the best job of any other cleaner. This is another cleaner that will erode your grout though when you use it to clean your tile flooring.

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Many people don’t realize that you need to have your tile and grout professionally cleaned just like other types of flooring. At Carpet Dry-Tech, we offer tile and grout cleaning as well as sealing to keep your flooring protected. Call us today!

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