How Do You Clean Different Types of Carpet & Rugs in Snellville, GA? Synthetic, Wool, Berber Carpets & More

There are a lot of different types of carpets used in homes and businesses. Each type of carpet is different in how you will want to have them cleaned and cared for. To better understand the need of your carpets, Carpet Dry-Tech would like to share the different types of carpets there are and how to care for them.

How Do I Clean a Synthetic Carpet?

Synthetic carpet, which is made of a polyester and nylon blend, does very well with regular vacuuming and carpet cleaning. When buying synthetic carpet the proper cleaning detergent should be on the carpet’s label. If you have had your carpet for some time and are not sure what the label said, you would be safe to use a basic combination of baking soda and warm water. If your carpet is more nylon than polyester, then you have a very durable carpet and it can use just about any cleaner.

Best Way to Clean a Wool Carpet

For wool carpets to be healthy and clean, they greatly depend on regular vacuuming. When you need to do a deep cleaning, you will want to avoid alkaline products. Additionally, wool will absorb a lot of water, and if the water is too hot, it will cause shrinking. Additionally, wool carpet also takes longer to dry. When cleaning wool carpet it is best to use a chem-dry or a carpet cleaning method that doesn’t oversaturate the carpets. For spot cleaning your wool carpet, you should use Woolite Carpet Cleaner or other products designed for wool blends.

Cleaning Natural Fibers, Sisal and Jute Rugs

The carpets that are made from natural fibers such as sisal and jute are very sensitive. A natural plant based carpet can get dirty far more quickly and they will stain easily. It is important to maintain these carpets and quickly tend to stains as they occur. Like most carpet, you will want to vacuum often and seek a professional service when you need to have them deep cleaned. Natural fiber carpets are not recommended for those with a busy household that includes pets and kids.

How Do You Clean a Berber Carpet

Berber carpets are carpets that can have a mixture of different materials. What sets this carpet apart is its big-looped pile. Berber carpet tends to be more soft and fluffier than other carpets. Nonetheless, its bigger loops make it easier to trap in dirt and stains can spread. For those with Berber carpet you should vacuum twice a week just to keep the dirt out of the carpet. Be careful when cleaning stains, and always use a blotting technique. Start from the outer edges of the stain and work your way inward for larger stains. Most cleaners will work on Berber carpets. However, whenever cleaning any type of carpet, always test your cleaner in a small and discreet area first to make sure the carpet doesn’t react to the carpet badly.

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As there are a lot of different types of carpet, along with different lengths and textures, deep cleaning the carpet properly can be difficult. To ensure your carpets are cleaned properly, seek out a professional carpet cleaning service. For quality carpet cleaning and more, contact Carpet Dry-Tech today.

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