How Do You Clean to Get Stains Out of a Fabric Upholstered Chair or Upholstery Couch or Sofa in East Point, GA?

A homeowner should always know how to clean a stain on their upholstery in the event a spill occurs. To successfully remove a stain you will want to clean the stain quickly. This means you will want to know how to properly clean a stain before they occur. Carpet Dry-Tech would like to share a few tips on how to clean a stain on your upholstery and how you can always be prepared.

How Do You Read an Upholstery Cleaning Code?

The very first step to caring for your upholstery is to know how to properly clean your furniture’s type of upholstery. Upholstery will greatly vary in fabric type and blends. Each upholstery will require its own unique method of cleaning. If you use the wrong method to clean your upholstery, you may in fact ruin your furniture. The key to determining how to clean your furniture’s upholstery is written on the upholstery’s tag. If you remove the tag from the furniture, be sure to keep the tag in a safe place. On the tag will be a code or a cleaning identification. There are five cleaning codes that define the proper cleaning method. The Upholstery cleaning codes are:
• W – This code refers to a water based cleaner, as well as using a fabric steam cleaning machine, which is safe to be used.
• S – This code refers to a solvent based cleaner and that it is safe to spot clean the upholstery. For a deep clean, you should be cleaning your fabric using a dry cleaning method.
• S/W – A S/W – This means this upholstery can be cleaned using either water based or solvent based cleaners. It is also safe to deep clean the upholstery using steam cleaning or dry cleaning methods.
• X – This codes refers to a vacuum cleaning only. X code is most often used for leather or other similar material that should not be cleaned like fabric upholstery.
• WASH – If the tag has WASH this code means the cushion covers can be removed and washed in the washing machine. However, when you dry them make sure to use low heat and on the delicate setting or air dry the covers.

How Do You Get a Stain Out of an Upholstered Chair or Sofa

Once you determine how to properly clean your upholstery, seek out the right cleaner and perform a test to make sure the cleaner does not affect the upholstery. When testing your cleaner pick a discrete spot such as in the back where the upholstery will not be seen. Test the cleaner in a small spot and see how the cleaner affects the fabric. If nothing occurs, you know that the cleaner is safe.

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When you find yourself cleaning a stain on the upholstery, your first step is to remove as much of the staining substance as possible. If the staining substance is food, remove the chunks with a paper towel. If the staining occur due to a liquid, you will want to use paper towels or a white cloth to press on the liquid and begin absorbing it into the cloth. Once most of the liquid has been absorbed, use the cleaner and begin dabbing at the stain. Each cleaner will vary on proper use, so always follow manufacture directions when using a product. If you are using a safe home based cleaner, then use a dabbing method to clean the stain. If you find you need help removing stubborn stains or for deep upholstery cleaning and more, contact Carpet Dry-Tech today.

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