How Do You Fix Water Damaged Carpet in Norcross, GA? Dry, Clean & Deodorize Wet Carpets Fast!

Have your carpets just been soaked due to a broken pipe, leaking pipe, or a faulty appliance? When your carpet becomes soaked, it can be a major challenge to save them. However, depending on the situation, the carpet can be saved even after they have been completely soaked. Carpet Dry-Tech will share how and when carpet can be save even after it has been exposed to a lot of water.

What is Category 1, 2 & 3 Water Damage?

There are two major considerations as to whether or not carpet can be saved after they have been exposed to water. One is the type of water that soaked the carpet, and the second is how long the water was left on the carpets. It is important that carpets are cleaned within 24 to 48 hours from time of exposure. If you wait too long the carpet may not be saved. The type of water is broken down into categories which are:
Category 1. A category 1 is clear or clean water that may have come from a broken pipe or rain water. A category 1 is the best type when you want to save your carpets. Carpet exposed to clean water only needs to be dried out and there is less chance of contamination. However, even clean water needs to be dealt with quickly to ensure the carpet are saved.
Category 2. A category 2 is often referred to as gray water. This water isn’t clean and often comes from a dishwasher, overflowing toilet, sump pump or a broken aquarium. Gray water is water with contaminates and often the under pad will require replacement. If you act fast enough, the carpet layer might be saved. Saving the carpet helps reduce the cost of restoring your home’s carpet after a flooding.
Category 3. A category 3 is often referred to as black water. This water is sewer water that backed up, seawater, and flood water from extreme weather that has flooded the home. This water is full of contaminates, pathogens and other nasty substances. If the carpet was exposed to category 3 water they and the under padding will need to be replaced.

Can Wet Carpet Be Saved or is it Ruined?

When carpets are soaked with water, you will want to seek out a professional carpet and water damage restoration service to come and help save your carpets. You will want to seek out a professional to ensure your carpets are indeed saved correctly. If you do not extract all of the water from the carpet, and then dry and clean the carpets properly, you will have mold and other problems developing in your carpets. The first step of saving carpet is removing and extracting the water from the carpets. If needed, the water will be pumped out, and then an extraction machine is used to suck out the water in the carpet and the pad. Once most of the water has been removed, the carpet is then dried out with the use of fan and dehumidifiers. Once the carpets are dry they can be cleaned if needed.

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