How Do You Get Oil & Grease Out of Carpet in Stone Mountain, GA? Dry Cleaning Solvent & More

You will probably want to get rid of it as fast as possible when you are walking barefoot on your carpet, and you encounter any kind of stain. Should that stain be a grease stain, you need to ensure adequate treatment is provided. Today, we at Carpet Dry-Tech would like to offer a few methods on removing the grease stains from the carpet.

Will Vinegar Remove Grease from Carpet?

1) Sponge the stain with a bit of water.
2) Along with a wet spotter, apply a few drops of white vinegar. one part dishwashing detergent, one part glycerin and eight parts water is the makings of a wet spotter. Make sure the ingredients are shaken well in a squirt bottle before dispensing.
3) Onto an absorbent pad, pour a generous amount of wet spotter. Set the pad directly onto the grease stain.
4) As the grease stain gradually disappears, change the absorbent pad.
5) Flushing the grease stain with water, you can repeat steps 1 through 3.
6) Something that doesn’t have to be as bad as it seems is removing grease stains from carpet.
These do-it-yourself methods will keep your carpet looking its best, though grease is often sticky and hard to handle.

Removing Grease from the Carpet Method with Cornmeal & Dry Cleaning Solvent

1) This method is something you can do when removing grease stains from carpet, no matter if you encounter cooking grease or machinery grease that needs to be removed.
2) Since it acts as an absorbent, you’ll then want to apply a substance like cornmeal, and blot up as much of the grease stain as possible.
3) Brush the stain to break it up with a brush with stiff bristles.
4) Apply a dry-cleaning solvent using a clean sponge if the grease is still visible.
5) To the stained area, apply a dry spotter. By combining 8 parts liquid dry-cleaning solvent and 1-part coconut oil, you make a dry spotter. Also, a substitute for coconut oil is mineral oil, though not as effective.
6) Cover the stain with additional dry spotter using an absorbent pad.
7) You’ll see that this answers the question of how to remove grease stains from carpet as the pad continues to pick up the stain.

Can You Use Dishwashing Liquid to Clean Grease from Carpet?

1) One cup of warm water with ¼ cup of mild liquid dish soap should be combined in a squirt bottle.
2) Saturate a cloth with the solution and put pressure on the grease stain.
3) For five minutes, leave the solution on the spill.
4) Blot the stain after leaving the solution on the spill for five minutes.
5) Place a few paper towels over the area after the stain is no longer visible. To absorb any remaining liquid, hold them down with a heavy object and leave overnight.

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If you have grease stains on your carpets, call in the professionals of Carpet Dry-Tech and let our experts tackle the stain and ensure it is properly removed!

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