Is it Normal for Carpets to Shed in Redan, GA; How Do I Stop My Carpet from Shedding?

When you first get carpet it may be worrisome when you start noticing your carpet shedding. You may have the thought that you just bought new carpet and it is already falling apart. Carpet shedding can be a serious issue for many homeowners. Is there a time that it is okay for your carpet to shed versus when you need to hire a professional to come take a look at your carpet? Carpet Dry-Tech explores this further below.

Is it Normal for Carpets to Shed

Your carpet can experience shedding for many reasons, such as wear and tear, poor quality, age, fibers lost, or even new carpet. While shedding carpet can be quite bothersome, not all reasons are bad or hurt the look of your carpet. It is very normal for the first few months of new carpet to shed. It is when the shedding continues or starts again later on when it becomes a problem. Improper carpet care can largely contribute to the shedding of your carpet.

Will My Rug Ever Stop Shedding?

Just like wall-to-wall carpet, rugs can also shed. This can be the result from the process they do of shearing the wool or silk rugs after they are woven. You can easily remove these loose fibers by vacuuming or cleaning/grooming your rugs with a beater or even a horse hair brush. Just like carpet, the shedding should not continue. If it does continue to shed, then you need to call a professional to come figure out what is going on with the rug.

How to Prevent Carpet & Rug Shedding

The great thing is that you can help prevent shedding and help extend the lifespan of your carpet and rugs.
– You want to continue to maintain a regular carpet cleaning routine. You want to be gentle with your carpet
– Avoid using any settings at the highest when using a cleaning machine.
– Never have your vacuum on the lowest to the ground setting.
– When vacuuming, vacuum with the grain of the carpet.
– If there is a high-traffic area where you have carpet, use throw rugs in those areas. This can help extend the life of your carpet. Plus, it will help prevent shedding.
– One of the best things you can do for your carpet is to hire a professional cleaning to come twice a year and give your carpet a deep cleaning. This can help remove the dirt that has settled down inside of your carpet and they can also help remove all the loose fibers at once.

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While carpet shedding is not always bad. It can be frustrating when you notice pieces of your carpet falling out. Taking care of your carpet can help minimize the amount of shedding that happens. To do this hire a professional. Carpet Dry-Tech has an amazing team that knows how to take care of your carpet. If you are noticing shedding on your carpet that has not had shedding before then give us a call so that you can get your carpet back to the way it was.

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