Anna B.

May 5, 2021

Hello, ladies – just wanted to pass on a FABULOUS experience that I just had having my carpet cleaned. My so precious canine child decided that she was mad at me for being gone on a business trip, so she chewed up a black gel pen on our BRAND NEW frieze carpet – just to show me…..

My DH, in an attempt to resolve the problem, scrubbed the spot with Oxy and steam cleaned it… ugh! Of, course, to no avail. When I got home, I decided to look online and see what could be done, and really found not much on the way of help for permanent ink stains. So, in a last ditch effort, I called a company called Carpet Dry-Tech, as their ad stated that they could “get out stains that others left behind.” I figured it was worth a shot! Also, my aunt is an interior designer, and she has always told me that dry cleaning is the only way to really clean carpet.

Anyway, their technician (Mike) came out the next day (today) – he was punctual, polite, and VERY knowledgeable. He was a virtual walking encyclopedia of carpet expertise. Bottom line, he got the stain COMPLETELY out and it’s guaranteed for a year, if it ever comes back. He also gave me so many great tips for cleaning carpet and getting stains out – he also gave me a great sample of their special cleaning solution. He stressed the importance of REMOVING the stain, not just covering it up or bleaching the carpet fibers themselves (which is what off-the-shelf cleaners do.)

He also told me that they have a great price of $99 for 5 areas – that’s an all-inclusive price (furniture moving, stain removal, odor treatment, etc.) That’s also for low-moisture treatment or dry cleaning (which I found out you have to use on frieze carpet!) This is a fantastic price – last year I used a carpet guy recommended by the Frugal Club. He did an “okay” job, but by the time he treated my carpet for stains, moved the large furniture, and treated for odor, it was almost $500 for 5 areas!! And, the stains came back after a few months…. Carpet Dry-Tech also has a 1-yr Maintenance Plan (re-cleanings for only $5!).

So, if you need some carpet cleaning or stain removal check out!!

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