What is the Black Stuff in My Carpets in Emerson, GA? Are the Dark Spots on My Carpet Dirt or Mold?

Do you have areas on your carpet that seem darker, much like a dirt stain that doesn’t seem to go away? Most will consider these areas just dirt that needs to be cleaned. However, is it really dirt or is it carpet damage? These dark patches that are typically found in high traffic areas such as walkways and in front of furniture is known as “In-Ground Soiling.” Carpet Dry-Tech will share what in-ground soiling is and the affect it has on your carpet.

Does Dirt Damage Carpet?

It’s no secret that carpets hold in dirt. It is estimated that about 80% of the dirt in carpet is a combination of sand and dry particulate matter. The dry particulates consist of dead skin, hair, and dander which feed and breeds dust mites, mold, and bacteria. This combination of sand and particles is very gritty and abrasive to carpet and is the leading culprit that dulls and wears down carpet. The sand and particulates is often worked deep into the carpet pile from heavy foot traffic. When this occurs, it doesn’t just mean there is dirt locked into your carpet but it can actually damage the carpet at the same time. Foot traffic works the sand particles into the carpet and the sharp edges of sand and dirt can cut against the small fibers of the carpet’s pile. Over time the carpet begins to thin out and wear down creating those dark stains and high traffic wear patterns.

What’s Inside Your Carpet Besides Dirt?

Since only about 80% of contaminates found in our carpet is sand and dry particulates, what is the other 20% and what affect do they have on your carpet. The remaining carpet contaminates consists of grease, oil, and other starches. These contaminates often come from heating equipment, from cooking, and even automobile exhausts. These remaining contaminates are rather acidic in nature which contributes to carpet damage. Luckily, most carpet cleaning detergents consist of more alkaline on the PH scale for this reason. Mild alkaline cleaners help remove these acidic contaminates in the soil.

Carpet Filtration Soiling

In short, your carpets aren’t just dirty. They are also damaged. These dark dirty spots or high traffic areas are victim of In-Ground
Soiling. To prevent In-Ground Soiling start by vacuuming your carpet properly. There are those that suffer from OCD and like to vacuum in straight lines, thus creating a cleaner pattern. Sorry to say, but this is a poor vacuuming technique. When vacuuming you want to go in multiple directions to remove the most amounts of soil that is in the carpet. After vacuuming regularly you will want to have your carpet deep cleaned about every 6 months. This will help remove that other 20% of contaminates in your carpet. By reducing the dirt and the acidic contaminates it will help prevent carpet damage.

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