What is the Difference Between Cleaning Carpet & Area Rugs in Doraville, GA? Pile, Colors & More

Carpet and area rugs are basically the same thing so they can be cleaned the same way, right? Wrong! If this is your way of thinking you may need to start rethinking carpets and rugs. Carpets and rugs do have some similarities, but are very different and need to be cleaned in different ways. Carpet Dry-Tech explores this further below.

How Carpets & Rugs are Made

One difference between rugs and carpet is the way they are made. They are constructed differently so that the rug can be moved easily while the carpet is wall-to-wall and is left on the floor. Rugs are also made differently from the style to the origin and has to have different care than carpet and even different care from rug to rug.

Rugs have a Thicker, Denser Pile than Carpet

Rugs are made with a thicker dense pile. A dense pile is the fiber loops that are stitched in the rug. The higher the dense pile, the tighter and secure the rug is. Because rugs are made thicker, it is a great place for dirt and soil to get down inside. When you vacuum it may pick up some, but it does not get down deep inside the rugs. This is why you would often see people beating their rugs. It was to get the dirt deep down inside the rugs. Now you can still beat your rugs, but you can also hire a professional to come clean your rugs.

Rug Colors Can Bleed Together

Most carpets are a single color and can be easier to clean. While rugs have many different colors and designs they can blend together. If you try to clean your rugs and you clean them with the wrong cleaning products or solutions it could bleed those colors together, ruining your rug.

Rugs Often have Fringes

You will never find fringe on carpet, but fringe is very common on rugs. You need to be very careful if you have a rug that has fringe on it. You cannot vacuum it because it will cause it to split or tear, ruining the fringe. You also, have to clean it properly and hiring a professional is the best way to do that.

Antique Tea Wash

On some rugs, they do what is called antiquing or tea wash. This is to make the rug look older or more expensive. They do this by adding a layer of aggressive acidic wash or adding a treatment of tea dyeing. If your rug has this tea wash or antiquing on it then cleaning it can wash that away. You need to be careful and make sure you hire a professional who has a background in washing rugs that have a tea wash/antiquing on them.

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Rugs and carpet are very different. Which means you need to take care of them in very different ways. To help not ruin your rugs, hiring a professional to come clean your rugs is the smartest choice. Carpet Dry-Tech is trained in carpet and rug cleaning. Give us a call and we can come take a look at your carpet and rugs and get them cleaned.

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