Why Does Carpet Start to Ripple in Mableton, GA & How to Repair Bucked Carpets with Carpet Stretching

When you have carpet that does not lay flat and had ripples and bumps across the surface, your carpet is not lost. Where ripples and waves in your carpet may make vacuuming and cleaning your carpet a major chore, looks terrible and poses a trip and fall hazard, carpet can be made flat again with carpet stretching. Carpet stretching is a carpet repair service that tightens and rescues carpet that have rippled or buckled. Carpet Dry-Tech would like to share what causes carpet to ripple or buckle and how stretching repair works to restore your home’s carpets.

What is the Most Likely Cause of Rippling in Carpets?

Ripples are when the edges buckle and can be due to a number of different elements, some environmental and others physical. Starting with the environment, know that humidity can cause a many problems for carpets and one is ripples. Humidity can cause the carpet to overstretch and once the carpet relaxes, you now have ripples in the carpet. Flooding causes a similar affect. Carpet cannot be oversaturated. Depending on the types of carpets you have in your home, moisture can cause either stretching or shrinking. When carpet stretches out it can develop wrinkles or ripples. When carpet shrinks, the edges will pull away from the track along the edges that secured the carpets in place. Once the edges buckle the carpet becomes loose.

Carpet Buckled After Dragging Heavy Furniture

Next, you have physical causes for carpet to ripple or buckle. There are a number of physical or manmade sources for rippled carpet. One of them is dragging heavy items or furniture across the carpet. When you drag heavy items across the carpet you can pull the carpet away from the tracks that secure the carpets in place. You can even stretch out your carpets by dragging heavy items across the carpets. You should never drag heavy items or furniture across your carpet. Instead, you should carry them to prevent carpet rippling or buckling. Other manmade problems can be when the wrong underpadding was used or even poor installation. Make sure to invest in the right underpadding and seek quality carpet installation.

How Do You Fix Wrinkled Carpet?

Carpet with ripples of have buckled from the edges can be repaired. A carpet repair or cleaning service that provides carpet stretching is what you need. Before the carpet repair service arrives, you need to remove all of the furniture and items off of the carpet. The carpet repair specialist will be able to lift the carpet up and using a special tool, will pull the carpet tight. The carpet is secured in place and the excess carpet is cut off. If you discover the wrong underpadding was used, you can use this opportunity to replace the underpadding to prevent future problems. Repairing carpet with ripples is fast and effective. Many homeowners often wonder why they waited so long to have their carpet repaired.

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When you have carpets that have buckled or have ripples, do not hesitate to have your carpet stretched and repaired. For carpet stretching, carpet cleaning, and much more, contact Carpet Dry-Tech and schedule our services today.

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