Why is Carpet Dyeing a Good Idea in Dallas, GA? Costs Less than Replacement, Carpets Dyed on Site & More

When you have new carpet installed in your home, it is a big investment. People are constantly looking for ways to extend the life of their carpet. Many homeowners have never thought of having their carpets dyed to extend its life though. Carpet Dry-Tech is here to answer some common questions that customers may have about the carpet dyeing process.

Does Carpet Dyeing Cost Less than Carpet Replacement?

The answer is yes! Customers find that they can save between 60%-80% by having their carpets dyed rather than carpet replacement. Carpet dyeing only costs a fraction of the cost and is a permanent solution to fading and discoloration of your carpeting.

Are Carpet Dyeing Services Performed on Site?

There is no need to remove your carpets to have them dyed. The process is taken care of on site by spraying the carpets with the dye and using a scrub brush to scrub it deep into the fibers. It is all done at your home.

Is Carpet Dyeing Toxic?

Carpet dyeing is not a toxic process. All dyes are not only odorless, but they are completely safe for you and your loved ones, including your furry friends. Having your carpets dyed rather than replaced is actually an eco-friendly choice and safe for the environment.

How Long Before I Can Walk on My Carpet After Having It Dyed?

You can plan on walking on your carpet almost immediately following having your carpet dyed. You may notice the carpets seem slightly damp, but the dye is colorfast and will not rub off on your feet. The dampness should disappear within a few hours of the appointment.

Do My Carpets Need to Be Cleaned Before the Appointment?

You don’t need to have your carpets cleaned prior to your appointment. The dyeing process is a combination of cleaning and dyeing in one. This leaves you with vibrant and clean carpet when the process is finished.

How Long Will Carpet Dyeing Last?

Carpet dyeing is a permanent carpet solution. When you choose to have your carpet dyed rather than replace them, you can count on the dye lasting throughout the life of the carpet.

What Problems Can Carpet Dyeing Solve

There are several reasons you should choose to have your carpets dyed. Here are some of the problems that carpet dyeing can solve.
• Bleach Spots
• Excessive Sun Fading
• Stubborn Stains
• Chemical Spills
• Desire to Change the Color of the Carpet

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Whether you want to have your carpet dyed to repair damage or you are wanting to change the color completely, Carpet Dry-Tech has expert carpet dyeing technicians with the training and tools to do it for you. Before you decide to replace your carpeting all together, don’t forget to consider carpet dyeing. It is a less expensive alternative to carpet replacement and can benefit you today. Call Carpet Dry-Tech for more information on our carpet dyeing technique and process today!

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