Why is Carpet Dyeing a Good Idea in Gresham Park, GA? Cheaper than Replacing, Restores Color, Beauty & More

Dyeing the carpets can be an excellent option to give the room a facelift without the heavy cost. It can also be used in situations where the carpets have stains or discoloration, again giving you the opportunity to remedy the situation without the hefty costs of replacing carpets. Today, we at Carpet Dry-Tech would like to share the prose and cons of carpet dyeing to see if it is right for you.

Benefit of Dyed Carpet

Beauty of Carpet is Restored. Carpets can quickly pick up stains that even deep cleaning can’t remove especially with kids and pets in the house. The carpet can fade within just a few years in sunny rooms as well. The pile might still be perfectly fine in both these situations, so replacing is not necessary. You can avoid blotchy coloring with a carpet dyeing service.
New Carpet Coloring. No matter the reasoning behind the carpet dyeing consideration, it will also present you with the opportunity to select a new, fresh color.
Carpet Dyeing is Cheaper than Replacement. Including the cost of labor, dyeing a carpet cost between 20% to 60% less than replacing it. You can potentially save more doing it yourself, though that presents more risk. If you’re planning to sell your house and want the interior in top form, but you don’t want to invest in brand new carpet, dye is also a cost-effective option.

Can All Carpet Be Dyed Any Color?

Not Applicable on All Carpets. Most modern carpets are nylon or wool, and dyeing works best on nylon, wool, and silk carpets. However, uneven coloring is likely since polyester, acrylic, and polypropylene fibers don’t absorb dye well. Some stain-resistant and high-pile carpets, such as shag carpets are not compatible either.
Color Options are Limited. You cannot dye carpets lighter, only darker. You will need darker dye, the darker the stains you want to hide. Dyeing it light tan might not be enough to hide all the stains if you have a beige carpet.

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Ultimately, dyeing the carpets is something to consider if the carpet pile is in good condition but the color needs to be altered due to fading, discoloration, desire for a darker color or other reason. If you are interested in carpet dyeing services in Greater Atlanta, GA, call Carpet Dry-Tech and let us assist you!

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