Why is it Important to Clean Upholstery in Fair Oaks, GA? Sofa Dermatitis Skin Irritation & More

Your couch and chairs are most likely the most sat-on thing in your house. With friends and family coming over to visit, movie nights, and snacks on the couch. Kids with dirty hands and feet jumping and playing, and pets sleeping and walking on them. Your couch can get dirty quite quickly. Not only does a dirty couch not look as nice and smell bad, but it can also cause problems with your health. Carpet Dry-Tech knows firsthand how dirty our couch can get and how important it is to clean your upholstery. Why is it so important to clean your upholstery and what is the problem of having a dirty couch? Carpet Dry Tech answers this question below.

Allergies & Asthma Can Act Up from a Dirty Couch

When you sit down on your couch, dander and dust particles can get released into the air where you can then inhale it. Dirty upholstery is a large carrier for allergens in your home. This can trigger allergies or other health problems causing you to cough, sneeze, have itchy eyes, and runny nose. Having clean upholstery can help decrease your allergies and health problems, helping give you a healthier home environment that you can enjoy without feeling miserable.

Sofa Dermatitis; Skin Can Get Irritated

Your upholstery can be home to microscopic bacteria and germs without you even knowing it. Because it carries bacteria and germs it can cause skin irritation, itching, and rashes. Mold can also grow on your dirty upholstery. If you live in an area that has high humidity, there is a better chance of getting mold growth. To reduce mold, germs, and bacteria getting your upholstery cleaned can help. When cleaning your upholstery they use equipment to clean and sterilize your furniture reducing the risk of skin irritations.

Filthy Sofa Can Cause Breathing Difficulty

Your couch is a collector of dust. You may notice when you sit down on the couch dust will fly up and around you. If you notice this you need your upholstery cleaned. Dust mites are different than allergens, but they can still lead to breathing problems. You may not even notice dust mites, because they are microscopic which causes problems if your home has them. You won’t even be able to see them they are so tiny, but they still can cause breathing problems.

Old, Dingy Couches Can Spread Infections

Your chairs and couches get set on, jumped on, slept on, and eaten on constantly. This means when germs and dirty hands get on your furniture it becomes a great environment for bacterial and viral infection to spread. Getting a regular cleaning of your upholstery can help decrease the amount of bacterial and viral infections that can be spread, helping ensure that you have a healthy home environment.

Upholstery Cleaning, Stain Removal & More in Marietta, Roswell, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, Atlanta & Greater Woodstock, GA

Keeping your home and family healthy and safe is your number one priority. Getting your upholstery cleaned at least yearly can help keep your home and family healthy. Don’t leave your couch dirty and full of germs. Hire a professional like Carpet Dry-Tech to come to clean your upholstery and help you breathe better.

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