Why is Professional Fabric Upholstery Cleaning & Protection Worth It in Sugar Hill, GA?

Our furniture and the upholstery that covers it needs to be cleaned about every six months or so. Each household will vary on their upholstery’s use. Even so, with proper cleaning the upholstery can be kept stain free, healthier and will last longer. If you want to maintain your upholstery, Carpet Dry-Tech would like to share the importance of regular upholstery cleaning and the benefits of upholstery protectors.

Why is Upholstery Cleaning Important?

We use our sofas, couches, chairs and recliners just about every single day. As a result, upholstery will get very dirty in a short period of time. The upholstery will be exposure to sweat, dead skin, spills from food and drinks just to name a few. As a homeowner, you should thoroughly vacuum all of the surfaces of the upholstery to remove hair, dead skin and dust. Spills should be quickly cleaned up to prevent stains and odors. However, over time, upholstery will develop mold and bacteria that needs to be treated. A professional upholstery service uses powerful vacuums and cleaning machines that extract the grime that is set deep inside the upholstery. The cleaning solution can kill mold, mildew and bacteria in your upholstery as well as remove stains and odors. If the upholstery develops bacteria, mold or other fungi, it can cause skin allergies and conditions. Particles from the mold and fungi can be released into the air and breathed in. Dirty upholstery can cause an unhealthy environment within the home. Dirty upholstery can contribute to poor indoor air quality as well as skin conditions. It is recommended that for you to have a healthier indoor environment, you should have your upholstery professionally cleaned about every 6 to 8 months.

Should You Get Fabric Upholstery Protection?

Not too many people know or consider having their upholstery protected. There are two major types of upholstery protectors. There is a water based fiber protector and a solvent based fiber protector. A professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service often has access to the better quality fiber protectors that are much more effective than store bought protectors. Never compare a store bought product with the results of a professional grade upholstery protector. A water based fiber protector helps repel stains and dirt from the upholstery. A solvent based fiber protector is a higher grade protector that should be used in a household with younger children and pets. After you have had your upholstery professionally cleaned, you may want to request having the service add an upholstery protector afterwards. You can prolong the visits from a professional cleaner when you have your upholstery protected. You can better prevent stubborn stains, extend the time period between professional cleanings and extend the life of your upholstery. While a professional service is already deep cleaning your upholstery, you should have your upholstery protected at the same time.

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With proper care you can have beautiful and clean upholstery that lasts longer and provides a healthier environment. You can see there are many benefits of upholstery cleaning and protection. For quality upholstery cleaning and for quality upholstery protection, contact Carpet Dry-Tech and schedule our services today.

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