Can Frayed, Wrinkled or Bleach Spot Carpets Be Repaired in Atlanta, GA? Carpet Patch, Color, Stretching Repairs & More

Carpets at times need more than just vacuuming and cleaning. Carpets can develop a number of different problems that you may think are beyond repair. You may be pleasantly surprised as to what can be repaired when it comes to carpets. Carpet Dry-Tech would like to cover some of the worst carpet damages and how they can be repaired to help you get more time out of your carpets.

Fix Ripples in Carpets with Carpet Stretching

Carpet stretching is a common repair service that helps to remove bumps, ripples or wrinkles out of carpets. Carpet can become loose and develop ripples in the carpet. Dirt and other contaminates often build up along the ridges of the ripple. The ripple also makes it hard to vacuum and clean your carpets. Ripples, wrinkles or bumps occur when the carpet becomes loose or stretched out. Carpets can be stretched out due to humidity, over soaking the carpet during cleaning or dragging heavy items across the carpets. To prevent carpet from developing ripples, never drag heavy items but instead carry them. Control the humidity levels inside the building and avoid over soaking the carpets. However, when you do develop ripples in the carpet you can request carpet stretching repairs. Carpet stretching repair pulls the carpet flat and then re-secures the carpet in place, if needed, the excess carpet is removed giving you flat and beautiful carpets.

Carpet Patch Repair for Holes or Frayed Carpets

Carpet can also develop holes both big or small that exposes the bottom layer or padding of the carpet. Our pets can chew and claw holes into the carpet. Carpet can accidentally be burned leaving behind a hole. When your carpet develops a hole, small or large, they too can be repaired. Carpet patch repairs is when a hole in the carpet is repaired. This is done by cutting out the damaged area surrounding the hole. A perfectly matching piece of the carpet is then placed in the hole. There are a number of steps required when repairing a hole in the carpet. It is essential the repair piece of carpet goes in the same direction as the rest of the carpet. The new piece is glued in place and then blended into the rest of the carpet. Even holes in the carpets can be repaired. When you have holes in your carpet, seek out carpet patch repair services and you can have hole free carpets once again.

Can You Fix Bleach Spots on Carpet?

Another rather common repair needed for carpet is bleach spot repairs. Bleach spots are a common problem. When a bleaching agent contacts the carpet the color is quickly stripped out leaving only a pale spot on the carpet. When bleach spots occur do not panic, they too can be repaired. A bleach spot is repaired by putting the color back into the carpet. Depending on the size and number of bleach spots, they can be repaired fairly quickly, thereby restoring your carpets. When you have bleach spot simply seek out professional bleach spot repair services for quality results.

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