How Do I Keep My Carpets Clean with Kids Home for Summer in Canton, GA? Professional Cleaning & More

The change in schedule as kids finish out the school year can have its challenges. One challenge often comes in messes that kids naturally create in your home. It can be difficult to stay on top of all the busyness that kids bring. One area that often takes a beating during the summer is your flooring. By following some simple tips, you can keep your carpet clean even though your summer is busy. Carpet Dry-Tech is here to share our best tips to help maintain your carpet this summer.

Enjoy the Warm Weather While Keeping Kids Off Carpet

One way you can limit the amount of dirt and debris that ends up on your carpet is to spend time outside. The weather is fantastic and there are several adventures you can find for your family and your kids outdoors this time of year. With less time spent inside, there will be less foot traffic on your carpet.

Is it Normal to Vacuum Everyday?

Often, vacuuming is underrated. It can be your best defense at keeping dirt, dust and debris off your carpet. Not only can it remove dirt and dust, but it can also help to remove allergens that settle into the fibers of your carpet and cause problems as well. This is the number one way that homeowners can keep their flooring clean. You should be vacuuming several times every week. Vacuuming more often will help you take enormous strides in keeping your carpet cleaner.

Is it Bad to Wear Shoes on Carpet?

Having a “shoes off” rule in your home can help you eliminate foot traffic patterns in your carpet as well. There is a significant amount of dirt and debris that can be found on the bottom of your shoes at any given time. When you remove them, you are saving your carpet from the mess of the great outdoors that is often tracked in on the bottom of shoes. Most people are happy to comply with this rule.

Remove Spills from Carpet Quickly

Accidents are bound to happen more often with your kids at home more. You need to be ready for them. Cleaning up spills on your carpet as soon as possible helps keep the spill from settling deep into the carpet fibers. The longer you wait to clean up messes, the more difficult it is going to be.

Carpet Cleaning & More in Marietta, Roswell, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, Atlanta & Greater Woodstock, GA

One of the best ways to keep your carpet fresh and extend its life is with regular, professional carpet cleaning. This should be done at least once a year to ensure your carpet isn’t getting broken down by the fine dirt and dust that settles into your carpet. With the extra summer traffic, this is the perfect time to call on the pros at Carpet Dry-Tech to help you keep your carpet clean. We will remove even the toughest stains and odors from your carpet. Whether it’s kids or pets that have caused the messes on your carpet, we can remove them. Call us today!

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