Do Brown Water Stains Come Out of Carpets in East Point, GA? How to Remove with Carpet Cleaning & More

Though water is a common ingredient in most things liquid, including carpet cleaners, water can surprisingly leave behind a noticeable stain that might make your head scratch. Making it look like an eyesore when these water stains develop, the excess minerals in hard water create the stain and/or the dirt and debris has risen and become more compacted in that area below the surface. As time goes on, it can be made to look more obvious in addition to leading to potential water damage to the subfloor and even contribute to mold growth depending on how long it lingers. When spills occur, even water, you should promptly use a dry cloth, towel, or paper towels to blot out as much moisture as possible to prevent the spots. Today, we at Carpet Dry Tech would like to take the opportunity to address these water spots on your carpet.

Supplies Needed to Remove Water Stains from Carpet

In a squirt bottle, combine cup of water with ¼ teaspoon of a mild dish soap to start the process. Make certain the soap is completely dissolved in the water before using the mixture. This mixture is frequently successful due to its powerful effectiveness to combat dirt, a moisture, and other tough substances.

How to Get Brown Water Stains Out of Carpet

Do not oversaturate, lighten dampen a clean cloth with the solution. You want to avoid an excessively wet cloth in order to prevent it from occurring on the carpets. Mold and mildew growth as well as other water damage can easily be the product of too much wet. Blot the water stain with your treated cloth with gentle and quick movements. Continue to blot until the dirt and debris is broken up. While avoiding oversaturation after you loosened the dirt rinse out the cloth and treat it with the same solution. Resist the urges of scrubbing and rubbing the area as it will only spread the filth out further and is push it deeper into the carpet’s fibers. Continue repeating these steps until the dirt is removed. To absorb excess moisture throughout the process, have several paper towels or clean cloths on standby. Use a clean cloth dampened with pure water to rinse away the mixture’s residues once spot is free of debris. To avoid letting the area become too wet, blot with a dry in between if necessary. With your weight on top of it to absorb and draw up the residual moisture, accelerate the drying process by using a clean towel. Also, with a fresh dry towel, place weight on top of it to let it sit overnight. flip on fans to circulate the air and expedite the drying process if possible. Generously sprinkle baking soda to the area and leave it for 2-3 hours. In addition to completing the drying process, neutralize any developing odors. Only when the area is completely dry, vacuum the particles well by going over it slowly and in multiple directions only.

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Through the above process, the water spots or stains should be cleared away. However, a professional is greatest ally if it persists, or you have other tough stains. Let our elite specialists assist you and call Carpet Dry-Tech today.

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