How Do I Know if there is Mold in My Carpet in Fairburn, GA? Damp & Sticky Carpets, Musty Smell & More

Carpet is a fabric that is woven together and then set on top of a foam padding. The nature of carpet creates the perfect environment for mold to thrive if the carpet becomes saturated. Mold can become a major threat to the home and if not cleaned and removed, the mold can spread and become a major health threat. When you discover mold in the carpet you should quickly have the carpet cleaned and the mold treated. Carpet Dry Tech will share the signs of mold in your carpets so you know how to properly react to the mold in the carpet.

Why Does My Carpet Feel Damp & Sticky?

When carpets feel constantly damp, this is most likely the site of mold in the carpet. Damp carpet can be due to a leak, high humidity, or other plumbing problems. When carpet remains damp for long periods of time, mold will begin to develop in the carpet. When the carpet remains damp for too long a period of time, the carpet may not be able to be recovered. It is important to quickly determine the source of what is causing the carpet to be damp. Next you will want to have the carpet cleaned and treated for mold.

Carpet Smells Musty Like Mildew

When carpets begin to develop mold you may not notice the mold at first. However, over time the mold in the carpet will begin to reveal itself by the scent of a musty odor. The musty odor you can smell when mold develop is actually the mold’s spores. Once you can smell the musty odor in your home, you are already breathing in the spores produced by the mold. You will want to quickly clean the carpets to stop the production of additional mold spores in your home.

Moldy Carpet Can Make Indoor Allergies Worse?

When you have allergies inside your home this is a sign of mold or another pollutants that are inside the home. With indoor allergies running wild you will want to locate the source of the mold. Mold can develop in a number of different places. Mold will easily develop on walls, wood, and of course, on the carpets. If the carpets have mold, you need to have the mold quickly cleaned and treated.

Discolored Carpet

One clear sign you have mold on your carpets is when the carpets look discolored. Mold may appear as black, brown, green, or a whitish gray color on the carpet. When the carpet appears discolored, check the carpet. If it has a musty smell, the mold has already spread throughout the carpet. If the carpet mold is too severe, you may need to replace the carpet versus cleaning the mold. If you are able to clean the carpets early enough, you may be able to save the carpet. However, if the mold has spread too far and too deep across the carpet, it is probably too late to save the carpet.

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Saving carpet from mold greatly depends on the timing. If you catch the mold early enough and need help cleaning and treating your carpet, contact a professional carpet cleaning service. For carpet cleaning and much more, contact Carpet Dry-Tech today.

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