How Can You Clean a Sofa in North Decatur, GA? Vacuuming Couch, Upholstery Cleaning Codes & More

Avoiding dirt and stains on our couches can be near impossible for most of us, especially those with indoor pets and kids. You will eventually find yourself cleaning the couch on a routine basis. In order to keep them fresh and attractive, couches need to be cleaned occasionally even when there are no visible stains or dirt. Some people may feel a little overwhelmed, and not know where to begin maintaining the couch. Today, we at Carpet Dry-Tech would like to discuss the basics of sofa cleaning to help you keep the couch looking its best.

Materials Needed to Clean Sofa

Very different cleaning methods are required for different types of upholstery. You should do a little research to nail this down first if you are unsure of the type of upholstery. You should gather more info on what the proper cleaning supplies would be for that type of upholstery once you are sure of which type of upholstery you have. You will need the following in general:
– Soft-bristled brush
– Vacuum
– Towels
– Fans
– Cleaning solutions according for the upholstery type

Vacuuming Upholstery

Thorough vacuuming is the first step to cleaning any couch. This will remove all the loose debris such as dirt. This will give you the opportunity to get under cushions and remove the junk that may have gotten lost in the couch. Also, at this time, clean out from under the couch as well and dust under the sofa. In order to get down into every little crack, make certain to utilize the crevice tools on your vacuum.

Sofa Cleaning Codes

In order to check the cleaning codes is another very important step in the couch cleaning process. To guide you on what you can and cannot do with the fabric of the couch, these codes can be found on your couch’s tags that were created by the manufacturer. Additionally, take into account the fabric and stuffing. Below is a quick rundown of the most common cleaning codes you might see on your sofa.
– S- Solvents only
– W- water based only
– S/W- Solvents and water
– X- Professional only: This indicates owners are not recommended to clean the upholstery themselves. The best way to clean the couch is to reach out to a local upholstery cleaning professional if you see this code.

Cleaning Couch

You should start the cleaning process after you have determined how to clean your couch and that it is okay for a DIY. If you have the time available to finish it, it is very important that you only start this project. You should not start and stop and restart again later.

Leather Sofa Cleaning

Using leather cleaners, leather couches can often be cleaned. Only use products that are appropriate for your particular couch and make certain to read cleaning codes on your leather couch as well.

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When it comes to upholstery cleaning, you want to make sure it is deep cleaned once or twice a year by a professional. For upholstery cleaning services in greater Atlanta, GA, call in the experts of Carpet Dry-Tech and let our experts serve you!

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