How Do I Protect My Carpets from Getting Dirty with Kids in North Druid Hills, GA? Professional Carpet Cleaning & More

Many people love carpets in their homes and love their kids playing in their home. Sometimes kids and carpets do not always mesh well and to keep the carpets looking pristine, takes work and some juggling. Often without paying attention to what they are stepping on, kids have a tendency to be mischievous and run around the house. Since they can be easily damaged by children and pets you need to take precautions to preserve the carpets. Today, we at Carpet Dry Tech would like to offer some tips to keep your carpets looking good, even with kids.

How to Keep High Traffic Carpet Areas Clean & Fluffy with Kids

1) Create a Separate Play Area. Providing a separate area for your kids to play in is one of the best ways to protect your carpet. This section designated for the kids can be a corner of the house that has area rugs you can pick and wash or even a playroom if you have the space. Your children will be less likely to track dirt and mud into the carpeted areas of your home and have accidental spills on the carpet.
2) Let Kids Feel Comfortable to Inform You of Any Stains or Spills. It is important that you find out about it right away if your child spills something on the carpet. The sooner you can clean it up, the better. You may want to let them confess to their spills if your child is old enough. This gives them the opportunity to learn responsibility and clean up their own messes. Especially when it is something that cannot be easily cleaned up, it is always difficult to deal with a child who makes a mess. Keep in mind that children are still learning how to control their bodies and their environment. Rather than punishing them, reward them for ‘fessing up.
3) Involve Your Kids in Carpet Cleanup. To help kids better understand how important it is to keep the carpet clean, consider involving your kids in the carpet cleaning process. This will help them be more careful and avoid damaging it. In order to keep your carpets looking clean and tidy, vacuum regularly and encourage their help.
4) Set Carpet Rules. If you establish clear rules and expectations, it is easier to work with children. You could make a rule that no eating is allowed on the carpet for instance. This will help keep the area clean and minimize the spills, may even eliminate them all together. You will create a more positive and productive environment for both you and the children by doing so.
5) Schedule Professional Carpet Cleaning Services. It is always a good idea to hire a professional carpet cleaner in addition to your vacuuming and spot cleaning efforts. In order to clean the carpets safely and effectively, they will have the necessary equipment and chemicals. They will also be able to treat any stains that may be present as well, and it will help keep your carpets looking their best and prolong their lifespan.

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