How Can You Tell a Persian Rug from an Oriental Rug in Acworth, GA? Importance of Cleaning Silk & Wool Rugs & More

For those who love beautiful area rugs to help enhance the look of your home, most often it is recommended to get either a Persian or Oriental area rug. These types of area rugs are highly prized which is why they deserve the best care. When it comes to the care of the Persian or Oriental rug, the care is fairly similar, but how they rug are made will determine the proper care. To best understand the needed care of these prized area rugs, Carpet Dry-Tech would like to share a little bit about Oriental and Persian rugs, what make them so unique and why they need quality care.

What is Considered an Oriental Rug?

An Oriental area rug, as the name suggests, is of an Oriental origin. These rugs come out of Asia or near the Middle East to far East regions. Countries where you find authentic Oriental rugs are Iran, China, India, Russia, Tibet, Nepal, Turkey and Pakistan. Where the first Oriental rug is disputed, one of the oldest Oriental rug was weaved around 500 BC which is called the Pazyryk Carpet. The next oldest Oriental area rug is about 2500 years old and was found in the tomb of Cyrus the Great. Oriental area rugs have been around for a very long time. An Oriental rug is made of silk and wool. The higher the quality of wool used for the rug, the more it will increase its quality and value.

What is Special About Persian Rugs?

Persia, which is now modern Iran, invented the Persian rug and has been around for a long time. The first documented mention of a Persian rug was in Greece in 400 BC. These rugs were highly valued and was circulated around the world during trading. Experts and historians believe that the Persian rug was first made by the nomadic tribe and were used as blankets and as a padding to sleep on. The Persian rug is well known for their elaborate designs, color and knot work. Persian rugs are primarily made of wool, but some are blended with silk and other fabrics. Due to some contentions between the U.S. government and Iran, trade has stopped and Persian rugs are no longer imported. True Persian rugs are those that are already here, which only increases the rug’s value.

What Persian & Oriental Rug Features are Similar?

Even though Oriental and Persian rugs have a different history and culture influence, they are the same in many ways. Both rugs use wool and silk and they take years to make. Both Oriental and Persian rugs are made by hand. Depending on the type of wool used for both types of rug, it can change their value. However the older these rugs get, their value only increases. Both Oriental and Persian rugs use elaborate patterns and colors. The colors and patterns used for the rug often have some meaning behind them. Another thing these rugs have in common is that they are delicate and need proper care.

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Cleaning these priceless rugs require a professional’s touch. If you own one of these highly prized rugs, make sure to seek professional area rug cleaning. For quality Oriental and Persian rug cleaning services and more, contact Carpet Dry-Tech today.

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