Is a Low Moisture Dry Carpet Cleaning Process Effective in Kennesaw, GA? Remove Stains, Repel Dirt & More

For most people, the term dry cleaning conjures up memories of picking up clothing, comforters, and other items from your local dry cleaner. But some people do not realize that dry cleaning is also an excellent way to keep the carpets and area rugs within your home free of dirt, dander, allergens and other debris. According to many carpet manufacturing experts, dry carpet cleaning is both an affordable and effective way to keep your carpets clean, fresh, and like new year round. Carpet Dry-Tech explores why dry carpet cleaning is such a superior method.

How Does Dry Carpet Cleaning Work?

Your carpets are like a giant sponge that works like a filter to trap dust mites, allergens, dirt, and other particles that would otherwise be floating around in the air for you to breathe. Just like your air conditioning filter, it needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly to be effective. Many owners opt for professional cleaning services to keep their carpets clean and free of allergy-causing dust and dirt.

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is considered a very low moisture system. Stains are pretreated before the dry products are applied. The dry components of the cleaning process effectively treat stains, bacteria, and other unwanted particles. The ingredients work by absorbing the dirt and debris deep within the carpet fibers. Once these dry compounds have done their work, the carpet will be brushed. A high-powered, low-pressure commercial vacuum system will remove the dirt and any residual components deep within the flooring fibers. One of the many benefits of dry carpet cleaning is the results. You will experience fresh, clean, dry carpets that you and your family will enjoy. Dry Carpet cleaning is an excellent choice for residential homes and small businesses.

Benefits of Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is an effective and fast-drying process to ensure your carpets are clean. Some of the benefits include:
• Fast dry time, typically one to two hours or less
• Stains are much less likely to reappear after cleaning
• Your carpets will repel dirt and stay clean for a more extended period.
• The cleaning system is quiet and uses very little water.
• Zero toxic exhaust fumes and zero chemicals are added to the water.

Is it Worth it to Get Carpet Dry Cleaned?

Dry carpet cleaning is also considered eco-friendly as it offers a healthy cleaning method with very little moisture. There are several reasons to invest in dry carpet cleaning, including a healthier carpet. Your home is full of dust, bacteria and other antigens. Suppose you or a family member suffer from breathing ailments or allergies. In that case, you should get your carpets professionally cleaned regularly to remove the contaminants from your carpets and reduce the risk of illness. Think of dry carpet cleaning as a preventative measure to minimize the risk of respiratory issues associated with mold and pet dander. Your carpet will look better, smell better and last longer with regular Carpet Dry-Tech professional dry carpet cleaning services.

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