How Do I Choose an Area Rug for My Home in Hapeville, GA? Size, Ease of Cleaning, Stain Resistant Rugs & More

If you haven’t ever had an area rug in your space, you may not realize what a dramatic impact it can have on the look and overall feel of your space. Choosing the right area rug is key in getting the results you are looking for though. If you don’t choose the right size, you could be left with a rug that looks out of place and disappointing. Carpet Dry Tech is here to talk about what rug sizes work best in certain spaces to help you choose the right rug for your home.

2×3 Area Rugs

You wouldn’t use a 2×3 area rug as a focal point in the room, but they sure come in handy in several different settings. They are great for smaller spaces. You may find that they are perfect for your entryway area, hallways, bathrooms, kitchens and even walk in closets can benefit from a nice 2×3 rug. You will be using this sized area rug in more functional settings rather than to make a design statement.

5×8 Area Rugs

A rug that is 5×8 is considered to be a medium-sized rug. This is great for smaller living spaces. If you have a small living room, it can help to bring eye-catching design into the space. You should make sure your furniture is resting on the rug or it will look like it doesn’t fit the space well. You don’t want this lone island of a rug in the middle of a space that is far to big for it. If you love the rug and your space is too big, you can always layer rugs to get the same effect as one larger rug. Make sure the bottom rug is something like a natural fiber rug to make your patterned 5×8 pop.

8×10 Area Rugs

This by in large, the most popular sized rug in homes. That’s because these rugs are the perfect size to fit most standard sized living rooms. You can easily have your furniture resting on the rug and still have most of the rug showing. This size also fits under most standard dining room tables. An 8z10 rug is also large enough to place beneath a queen-sized bed and have room to put the nightstands on either side as well.

9×12 Area Rugs

Choosing a 9×12 rug for your space gives you plenty of room to ensure your furniture is fully placed on the rug with room to space around the perimeter. This can help you distinguish a large space without the need for walls. These rugs are utilized best in spaces like open floor plans.

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It doesn’t matter what size your area rugs are, they need to be professionally cleaned like your carpet does. You can rely on the pros at Carpet Dry Tech to clean your area rug and keep it stain and odor free. Call us today!

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