How Do You Clean & Get Dry Oil or Water Based Ink Stains Out of Carpet in Your Woodstock, GA Home?

There are many things that can cause staining on your carpet. One of them that can be especially difficult to get rid of is caused by ink. There are two types of ink that can wreak havoc on your carpet, and they are water based or oil based. The way that you deal with these stains is different from one another. Carpet Dry-Tech is here to walk you through the process of removing both water and oil-based ink stains from your carpet.

How Do You Get an Oil Based Ink Stain Out of Carpet?

It is enough to send anyone into a panic when they find that there is oil-based ink left on their carpet after a project. It can become a much larger problem if it isn’t dealt with the right way. People will be most surprised to find out that the best way to remove oil-based ink from carpet is with the use of lacquer hair spray. Here is what you should do.
– You will need to purchase 1-2 cans of lacquer hair spray depending on the size of the ink spill. The lacquer hair spray has chemicals in it that will work to soften the ink stain and prepare it for removal.
– Get a clean, white cloth to start blotting away the ink stain. It is vital that you work the stain out by blotting rather than rubbing. When you rub the stain to get rid of it, you will actually work the ink further into the carpet fibers.
– You can blot at the spill and then apply more hair spray and repeatedly blot until the stain is gone. After it is gone, you will need to give the area ample drying time.
– Finish up the process by brushing the area with a toothbrush and then vacuuming.

How Do You Remove Water Based Ink from Carpet?

Anytime you are dealing with a water-based stain, it will be easier to remove than something that is oil based. Following are the steps used to remove these water-based stains.
– You will first need a bowl of warm water where you will add a teaspoon of dishwashing soap to it. You should have some liquid dishwashing soap in your kitchen that will work just fine.
– Using a clean cloth, saturate it with your cleaning solution and start blotting the ink away, being careful not to scrub.
– As you blot it away, you will notice the ink transfer to your towel and will then just let the area dry.

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If you have tried to remove ink from your carpet and haven’t had any luck, you can turn to Carpet Dry-Tech to help you get rid of it for good. We can remove even the toughest stains from your carpet so that they look like new again. There are no stains that we can’t get rid of. Call us today!

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