How Do You Clean Badly Stained Upholstery in Holly Springs, GA? Never Oversoak, Do Patch Test & More

The upholstery that covers your furniture is exposed to dirt, stains, and wear. The upholstery can collect dust and microorganisms into its fabric and then releases into the air or gets onto the skin, which can lead to skin irritations and allergies. It is important that the upholstery is kept clean to improve a healthier environment and to extend the life of the furniture. However, improper cleaning can lead to major upholstery damage. There are many mistakes homeowners do when they clean their upholstery that ruins the furniture and does not prolong the life of the upholstery. Carpet Dry-Tech would like to share some of the common upholstery cleaning mistakes and how to clean your upholstery right.

Never Oversoak Fabric Upholstery

When cleaning any fabric based upholstery, you never want to oversoak or drench the upholstery. When cleaning upholstery you also want to remove as much water as possible after cleaning. Often when homeowners clean their upholstery they tend to oversoak it when cleaning and do not remove enough of the moisture still in the fabric. This leads to mold, shrinkage of the fabric, and staining more quickly. When cleaning the upholstery use only as much moisture to clean and remove the stains. Take the time to extract as much moisture as possible. It is also a good idea to have a fan blowing over the furniture to speed up the drying process. If you do not feel confident in cleaning your own upholstery, it is recommended that you seek professional upholstery cleaning services.

Avoid Scrubbing Stains on a Fabric Couch

When you have a stain created from food, drinks, or ink, it is important to clean the stain immediately. However, when cleaning a stain, many homeowners make the mistake of scrubbing at the stain. Scrubbing is bad for many reasons. When scrubbing at a stain you will spread the stain and even push it deeper into the upholstery. Even if you get the stain removed on the surface, the deeper stain will cause the stain to reappear. Another problem that occurs when scrubbing the upholstery is that you are damaging the fabric. You are breaking down the fabric small particles at a time. You can cause flat and thinning spots on the upholstery. When cleaning a stain you should always blot at the stain. When using a solvent to help lift the stain up and out of the fabric, blot the upholstery clean.

Always Do a Patch Test on New Sofa Cleaners

When using a DIY or homemade cleaner or a commercial product, one common mistake is that the cleaner is never tested before use. You will never know how the fabric or its dye will react to a cleaner. Often the dye or color will fade or bleed out or the upholstery’s texture may become stiff or ruined. Regardless as to which type of cleaner you choose to use, you must always test the cleaner first. Pick a small and discrete area such as behind or underneath a cushion, than apply the cleaner and wait to see how it will react to the upholstery. If you are satisfied with the results you can use the cleaner freely.

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By avoiding these mistakes and using the combined efforts of a professional upholstery cleaning service, you can extend the beauty and life of your furniture. For upholstery cleaning and much more, contact Carpet Dry-Tech today.

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