Carpet Cleaning Tips in Mableton, GA; Is it OK to Wear Shoes on Carpets? Do Bare Feet Damage Carpet?

When it comes to the carpet in your home, most people don’t want to think about replacing it any sooner than they have to. It is a large investment that most homeowners want to protect at all costs. This means, that many homeowners choose to have a “no shoes in the house” rule. This is a great rule for many reasons. Carpet Dry-Tech is here to talk about the reasons why you may not want to have shoes on in the house.

Is it Unhealthy to Wear Shoes in the House?

There are a host of reasons you should ditch your shoes at the door and not wear them in your home. Here are some of the top arguments for a no shoe policy:
– Bacteria: You would be surprised to find out that the bottom of your shoes are a breeding ground for bacteria. In fact, a study done by the University of Arizona showed that the bottom of one shoe had more than 400,000 bacteria, with the standout strain being E. coli.
– Toxins: Not only are there bacteria found on the bottom of your shoes, but they can also bring in toxins from outside with them as well. Things like fertilizers, gasoline, antifreeze and other harmful substances can get tracked in on the bottom of shoes.

Do Shoes Ruin Carpet?

When you allow shoes to be worn in your home, you need to think about the damage that they are doing to the carpet. The dirt and debris that are often found on the bottom of shoes is transferred to the carpet fibers and help to create dark traffic wear patterns throughout your carpet. If you are wearing shoes like stiletto heels in the house, you have to worry about the heels catching and snagging on those carpet fibers as well. You should also be concerned about the damage it can cause to the area rugs in your house as well. The tread on the bottom of your shoes is another hazard to the fibers and they can catch, grab, and unravel the fibers too.

Is it OK to Walk Barefoot on Carpet?

While it may be easy to have a no shoes policy in your home, you need to be aware that bare feet in your home isn’t a good idea as well. When you have bare feet, the sweat glands in your feet can leave behind sweat and other bodily fluids that can damage your carpet as well. If you put lotion on your feet, it will then transfer to the carpet fibers as well. The best way to walk around your home is with a pair of socks on your feet.

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