How Does Carpet Stretching Work to Remove Wrinkles to Improve Safety, Extend Lifespan of Carpets & More in Decatur, GA?

Buckling or wrinkling is one of the most common problems that affect carpet. When the edges of your carpet begin to curl causing them to remain unlevel with the floor is basically what carpet buckling is. When it comes to buckling, it is a major eyesore, a potential safety risk, and will expedite the carpet’s deterioration. Carpet stretching is an affordable solution that we at Carpet Dry Tech would like to explain today.

Why is My Carpet Getting Wrinkles & Buckles?

Moisture in the air can penetrate your carpet causing it to buckle in certain areas, making humidity one of the main factors that causes carpet to wrinkle. For those that experience all 4 seasons in your environment, this issue is especially very likely due to the drastic temperature changes happen, as well as those that live in humid environment. Among the most common natural occurrences that will cause your carpet to buckle is humidity. A number of common man-made factors that can cause your carpet to buckle are listed below.
– Moisture Contact
– IIN adequate carpet installation
– Incompatibility with carpet padding fitted beneath your carpet
– Dragging heavy items over the carpet
– Delamination (when there is a separation between primary and secondary backing)

Is it Worth it to Stretch Carpet?

Carpet stretching is the process of removing wrinkles, bumps and bubbles that form on the surface of a carpet, in the simplest of terms. As mentioned, there are many factors that contribute carpet wrinkles and buckling. With the appropriate equipment and a skilled carpet re-stretching professional, you can have the carpets safely and efficiently stretched. Below are the primary benefits of carpet stretching services.
1) Enhances the Aesthetics. The beauty of an otherwise pristine room will be diminished by lumpy carpet. Once the carpet is stretched, it will look tidier and have a well-maintained look.
2) Improve Safety Conditions. There are safety risks when there are ripples and bumps. Anyone living in the home could face serious injury from tripping on the uneven carpet, especially kids and the elderly who are unsteady. A great way to maintain a safe environment for all members of your household is done with regular carpet stretching.
3) Lifespan is Extended. It is expected to see wear and tear on the carpets over time. Many people are led to decide to replace the carpet sooner than you expected when carpet that is not properly installed is likely to wear unevenly. To ensure it is properly fastened along the edges, skilled carpet technicians can also re-attach the carpet to the tack strip where needed.
Basic Operation of Carpet Stretching. Forcing carpet to straighten and smooth out is done by involving multi-directional tension applications. Modern carpet stretching is done in a highly mechanized with expert technicians utilizing power stretchers and a pole system. To exert an estimated force of 674 pounds, a power stretcher features specialized claws which dig into the latex padding of the carpet. The carpet sits correctly with a perfect fit free from wrinkles and kinks with the latex backing stretched to near limit. In order to achieve the perfect carpet size for your room, the edges are carefully trimmed down.

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