How to Get Stubborn Pet Hair Out of Carpets in Milton, GA; Lint Roller, Professional Carpet Cleaning & More

If you have pets in your home that shed, you know how fast their hair can accumulate on every surface in your home. One area that can get covered in a hurry is your carpet. Pet hair can get caught up in the carpet fibers and then is difficult to remove without persuading it to do so. There are a few different approaches you can take to removing pet hair from your carpet. Carpet Dry-Tech is here to share some of our best tips in removing pet hair from your carpet.

Can I Use a Lint Roller on My Carpet?

Lint rollers aren’t just for removing hair that is stuck to your clothes, it can be a great tool to remove hair from carpet as well. When the tape on the lint roller isn’t picking anything up any longer, you simply remove it to reveal another layer of tape and go for it. Lint rollers can be especially handy when your pet is going through the shedding season.

Can I Use a Rubber Broom on Carpet?

There are a number of different rubber items that can be helpful in removing pet hair from carpet as well. The static that is produced by the rubber when it rubs on the surface of the carpet will attract the pet hair right away. Here are some of the different types of rubber utensils that you can use to remove pet hair from carpet:
– Squeegee: Get one that has a long handle so that the job isn’t so back-breaking.
– Rubber Gloves: Rub your hands together and then on the carpet. Once you have created the static, get the glove wet and do it again. This will pull up the hair quickly.
– Brush or Broom: Using long or short strokes, you can work the rubber brush into the fibers and the friction will act as a magnet to the pet hair.

Does Fabric Softener Release Pet Hair?

You can mix a small amount of fabric softener with water in a spray bottle to remove pet hair as well. Make sure it is well mixed and then lightly spray it on the surface. The fabric softener will loosen the pet hair from the carpet fibers. After you have waited a couple of minutes, you can use a vacuum or a carpet rake to remove the pet hair easily.

Does Baking Soda Get Dog Hair Out of Carpet?

Is there anything that baking soda can’t do? Apparently not. It can help you remove pet hair as well as clean many surfaces in your home. You will need to sprinkle it on your carpet generously and let it sit for several minutes. This will help to loosen the pet hair so you can easily vacuum it up. A bonus is that the carpet will get deodorized in the process with baking soda.

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If you have pet hair that you can’t get rid of no matter what you try, you can turn to Carpet Dry-Tech to remove it for you. Nothing will remove pet hair from carpet as well as professional carpet cleaning. Call us today!

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