Is Upholstery Cleaning Worth It in Brookhaven, GA? How Often Should You Clean Your Couch & Sofa?

When it comes to keeping your furniture clean you must find the perfect balance of basic cleaning and deep cleaning. Just like with most things – there is an ideal balance. Too much cleaning is bad for the upholstery while the same could definitely be said about too little cleaning. For a professional upholstery cleaning service, we are frequently asked “how often should I have my upholstery deep cleaned”? Carpet Dry-Tech would like to share how you must find the perfect balance for your furniture’s upholstery. As mentioned above, when cleaning upholstery there are two types of cleaning, one is a basic surface cleaning and the second is a deep cleaning. A surface cleaning should occur much more often than a deep cleaning. In fact proper surface cleaning can prolong the need for a deep cleaning. If you are dedicated to your home’s upholstery you may not need as frequent deep cleanings which should be done by a professional. With this in mind, let’s break down surface cleaning from deep cleaning.

Surface Cleaning of Upholstery

A surface cleaning includes vacuuming out your upholstery and cleaning stains as soon as they occur. Depending on your household, surface cleaning may need to happen once a week or even once a month. If you have a busy household with lots of kid and pets, surface clean weekly. For smaller households, perhaps a couple or those with one or two kids can go once a month. If you are somewhere in between, surface cleaning your upholstery should be done every two weeks. The idea behind a surface cleaning is help reduce dirt and other contaminates built up in the upholstery. By attending to stains as soon as they occur, you help to keep the grime off the furniture. However, even with your best efforts you cannot prevent sweat, bacteria, and other contaminates from penetrating the fabric.

Need to Deep Clean a Fabric Chair or Other Upholstered Furniture

A deep cleaning involves powerful vacuum cleaners that remove dirt and grime deep within the upholstery. A chemical cleaner and upholstery cleaning machine is then used to clean and treat the upholstery of bacteria, odors and more. A deep cleaning is just that—the upholstery will receive a good cleaning that improves the upholstery’s appearance, smell, and longevity. However you will need to find the balance of how often to deep clean your upholstery. One major consideration is the type of upholstery you have. Many different types of fabrics are used for furniture. Some fabrics shouldn’t be cleaned too often as it can ruin the upholstery. Additionally, the type of upholstery will require its own cleaning method.

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This is where a professional is so essential. A professional upholstery cleaner like Carpet Dry-Tech knows the different types of fabric and materials used and how to safely clean them. We will also have a good idea of how often the upholstery should be cleaned. Along with the same concept of the household, a professional will be able to help determine when to deep clean your upholstery next. Over time you will get a good feel of when to deep clean your upholstery. When you have upholstery that needs deep cleaning, contact Carpet Dry-Tech, we provide upholstery cleaning and much more!

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