What Causes Rippling in Carpets & How Do You Get Wrinkles & Waves Out of a Carpet in Canton, GA?

When carpet develops small waves or ripples on the surface, the carpet looks bad and can even be harder to clean. When you have ripples in your carpet, you may wonder how they got there and if there is any way to flatten out your carpets once again. Carpet Dry-Tech would like to share what causes carpet to develop ripples, and how they are repaired.

What Causes Carpet to Buckle & Ripple?

Carpet that develops ripples or waves and will not lay flat can be caused by a number of different reasons. To get started, moisture can cause the carpet to develop ripples. When the carpets are over saturated, or is exposed to high humidity, the carpet can stretch out. As the carpet becomes overly stretched they will stay stretched out leaving behind those unsightly ripples. Another common cause for ripples to develop is by dragging furniture or heavy items across the carpet. When dragging heavy items such as furniture across the carpet, you can pull the carpet away from the edges of the wall or stretch the carpet out causing ripples and waves to develop in the carpets. Other times the carpet may develop ripples as a result of poor installation or poor carpet quality. When carpet develops ripple they are harder to keep clean. They can also cause tripping hazards, and make the carpet look poorly maintained. When carpets have ripples, you need carpet stretching repairs.

What Does Stretching Your Carpet Do?

Carpet stretching repair is when carpets that are loose, have ripples, or have torn away from the tack stripping around the edges of the walls, is repaired. As the name suggests, rippling is repaired by stretching the carpet until it is flat. A specialized carpet stretch tool is used to pull the carpet on one side of the carpet until the entire carpet is tightened. The edges that were lifted up to pull the carpet tight, is cut and secured properly in place. Even though the idea behind carpet stretching repairs may seem basic enough, to make sure the carpet is properly repaired, you will most often require the help of a professional. A professional carpet stretching service has all of the tools and training to ensure the carpet is repaired properly. A professional can also have the repairs done quickly. When you need your carpet repaired, a professional carpet stretching service is the best option.

How to Prevent Carpet Ripples

After you have had your carpets repaired, you will want to prevent the carpet from developing ripples in the future. To prevent carpet rippling make sure to have the carpet professionally cleaned. Quite often DIY carpet cleaning adds to over stretching. Another step you can take is to control the humidity level in your home. Lastly, avoid dragging heavy furniture and other items across the carpet. Also pick up heavy items and place them down.

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If your carpets have developed ripples, waves or have come loose, you can have them repaired. Don’t leave ripples to plague your carpets, contact Carpet Dye-Tech and schedule our services today.

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