What is the Difference Between Cleaning a Carpet & an Oriental Rug in Berkeley Lake, GA?

When compared to carpeting, rugs have several primary differences. Rugs are typically more delicate than carpets and need extra care. Rugs more often than not feature a fringe. The rugs can more easily bleed the color of their dyes. These are just the primary differences. Today, we at Carpet Dry-Tech would like to elaborate on the differences in cleaning when it comes to rugs when compared to carpets.

How to Get Dirt & Dust Out of Carpets & Rugs

Rugs are made of a denser pile, and fibers are closer, which differs from carpeting. Vacuum cleaners cannot get all of the dirt or dust that tends to get trapped easily on the rug. To ensure rugs are thoroughly cleaned, they require proper cleaning equipment and professional care. The layers of bedding need to be adequately addressed, though carpets do not have dense piles of fibers underneath, however.

Carpet & Rug Material Types

Being the result of a different cleaning process, carpets and rugs are made of different materials and textures. You can send rugs to cleaning plants to be cleaned professionally since rugs are mobile. Professional rug cleaning company gives extra attention to your rug and uses eco-friendly solutions to clean the rug properly due to the delicate nature of the rug materials, requiring the need for extra care. Carpets are designed to stay put and are not delicate like rugs on the other hand. Without damaging the material, carpet cleaning services provided by a professional company keep your carpets clean and remove all the dust and dirt from them.

Rug Color Bleed

Carpets are usually a single color and do not normally feature multiple patterns. You can completely ruin a rug when it comes to cleaning them with all the patterns and colors, and these color bleeding. The rug can completely fade its original color and design by muddying due to the color bleeding. To prevent bleeding colors, an area rug cleaning should be done with the correct eco-friendly solution and contain fewer chemicals. As most carpets are of a single color, and standard carpet cleaning solutions can be used without any problem, so carpets don’t require much care when talking about color bleeding.

Rug Fringe

As rugs have fringe, most recognize that the rug fringe is delicate. As it may get damaged during cleaning, fringe is a decorative rug border like a hanging tassel. They don’t need extra care or attention while cleaning when it comes to carpets as they do not have any delicate and fragile material or design on it.

Specialty Rug Cleaning

As most people spend thousands of dollars on decorating their home, rugs can be an expensive accessory and as a result, your investment requires proper care and treatment, especially when it comes to cleaning. You cannot trust anybody to clean your expensive premium rug, however. Knowledge in this area is necessary so be sure to hire professionals who have many years of experience that can provide proper care to your rug.

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According to the condition of your carpets, your carpets also require professional cleaning once or twice a year as carpets are not as delicate as rugs, so they may only need minimum care. Carpets and rugs should be vacuumed regularly in between professional cleanings to minimize the buildup. Whether you need carpet cleaning or rug cleaning services in the Greater Northern Georgia area, call in the experts of Carpet Dry-Tech and let us take care of you!

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