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What is the Difference Between Cleaning a Carpet & an Oriental Rug in Berkeley Lake, GA?

When compared to carpeting, rugs have several primary differences. Rugs are typically more delicate than carpets and need extra care. Rugs more often than not feature a fringe. The rugs can more easily bleed the color of their dyes. These are just the primary differences. Today, we at Carpet Dry-Tech would like to elaborate on…

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How Do You Clean Hardwood Floors Step By Step in Tucker, GA? Wood Flooring Cleaning Tips

Due to their beauty, durability and simple maintenance, wood floors are common in homes and businesses. Water can cause damage to the wood floors, despite their durability, so sopping up any moisture messes is essential, along with routine cleaning. Your wood floors will last a long time and in excellent condition, with the proper care…

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Why is Bleach So Harmful in Stone Mountain, GA & How Does Carpet Dyeing Color Restoration Work?

A chemical common in many households is bleach. Among other disinfecting needs, these products are typically used to kill mildew and mold. Bleach is used to lighten many things, including white laundry, lighter shades of grout, teeth, hair, and such substances in addition to bleach killing germs and bacteria. Though bleach has its benefits, it…

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Why is it Important to Clean Your Carpet After the Holidays in Scottdale, GA? Remove Pollutants & More

The holiday season is winding down with only a few weeks to enjoy the holiday cheer. With the festivities in full swing, many people are hosting parties, dinners, and other holiday events in their homes and it often occurred from Halloween, to Thanksgiving, to December Holidays, and New Year’s Eve. With the month of activities,…

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How Do You Get Spilled Hot Chocolate & Eggnog Drinks Out of Carpet in Panthersville, GA?

There are many traditions that families and individuals participate in with the holidays. The holiday season is often the busiest season for many people such as baking, crafting, cooking, wrapping, and celebrating. Quite a few people will indulge in holiday drinks during the cold months and holiday gatherings. To help you remove a few common…

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How Do I Protect My Carpets from Getting Dirty with Kids in North Druid Hills, GA? Professional Carpet Cleaning & More

Many people love carpets in their homes and love their kids playing in their home. Sometimes kids and carpets do not always mesh well and to keep the carpets looking pristine, takes work and some juggling. Often without paying attention to what they are stepping on, kids have a tendency to be mischievous and run…

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